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Men's VBall Update and the NEW Hullstache

It has been a long and speculative day, and not even Daniel Plainview would have made some of the wild allegations that swirled the interwebs today. In the face of all of the "Pitt to B10" talk there was actual news (well the news actually occurred on Friday and Saturday, but I'm just now getting around to reporting it). Unfortunately for Penn State, the actual news involved a disappointing loss. However, as Young MC so poignantly wrote, "in every dark tunnel there's a light of hope."

The men's volleyball team made a trip to Chicagoland to take on two area teams this past weekend. On Friday night, Penn State played Lewis and defeated the Flyers 3-1 (-26, 30-28, -25, 20). They outhit Lewis .342 to .215, and Edgardo Goas gave out an astonishing 65 assists.

However, on Saturday night, the Nittany Lions took on Loyola-Chicago and suffered their second loss of the season 3-2 (26-30, 30-22, 30-24, 24-30, 15-7). The men are now 6-2 and will certainly fall from their #5 spot after this loss. Reasons for the loss abound (poor hitting, etc.), but I think the real reason is that Loyola-Chicago's mascot is the Rambler. We just didn't stand a chance from the outset.

On the heels of that poor Chicago outing, GoPSUSports has created a volleyball forum, if you will, that has some of the current coaches and players blogging from time to time. This community (called Covering All Angles) is in English and Spanish (Puerto Rico is actually a great recruiting pipeline).

Finally, on a more important note, BSD has a new mascot. Sure jesse.' s dog is great, and the Hullstache was awesome. But a new, more intriguing stache has come along. Ladies and gentlemen, the BSD Stache for the '10s...