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Rest Easy and MMMBOP: Penn State Wins

Under 16: A nice set play for a score to start the game. Kudos Ed…Rotation defense continues to be a problem in the zone to start the game.  Northwestern is getting a lot of open looks from outside…Nice off-balance pass from Battle to Jackson for two.  Offense is producing to start.  9-8 Penn State.

Under 12: Northwestern has found success underneath to start the game.  This could become a real problem later as it opens up the deep shots, which are this team’s forte…16-16

Under 8: Nice freshman-to-freshman play, Frazier to Sasa for two.  Penn State has three freshman on the floor at the moment…Wildcats are just under an 80 point pace, which is absurd, because they aren’t even trying to score 80 out of those Princeton sets. 24-22 Northwestern

Under 4: Nice 6-3 run by Penn State to take the lead back.  These are the types of segments they’ve been missing.  You’ll see them score a bunch in some, then come back and trade buckets with the opposition instead of gaining some separation.  28-27 Penn State.

Last 4: Another nice set out of a time out leads to a David Jackson and-1 (yes, he hit the free throw).  Penn State not looking bad at all tonight coming out of breaks as they have most of the season…Northwestern has cooled off to a much more reasonable 60 point pace.  Big three by Brooks heading into the half, putting Penn State up 36-32.

Halftime Notes: Not a bad half for Penn State at all.  The offense was pretty consistent throughout, and while the Wildcats got the open looks you’d expect, the Nits did a nice job limiting second chances and turnovers.  Penn State didn’t give up a single offensive board in the first half.  That’s a big step for this team, granted it’s against Northwestern.

Under 16: Offensive explosion both ways to start the half.  Brooks has five to open up and Shurna just THREW IT DOWN.  Actually some pretty entertaining stuff for once.  47-42 Penn State.

Under 12: David Jackson has 16 points to this point.  Who’d have thought he’d be the one to emerge at the beginning of the year?  Penn State is shooting the lights our right now.  They’re pushing things, and they’re almost making me forget that we’re not playing well at all on defense, rotation wise. 54-48

Under 8: Penn State’s offense has cooled a bit, and the Wildcats are starting to eat away at the lead, exposing the Penn State defense…Really dumb foul taken by DJ on the fast break.  That’s his 4th foul, and Penn State definitely doesn’t need to see that.56-54 Penn State

Under 4: Talor Battle STILL only has five points on one field goal…Penn State doing a nice job weathering the storm.  The Lions made their push coming out of the half, and they’ve held the lead while taking the Northwestern counterpunch…Northwestern is just bricking from the line right now.  They certainly aren’t helping themselves.

Under 4: Penn State making big shots down the stretch.  The Wildcats are hanging around, but PSU is matching them punch for punch.  The lead has fluctuated, but the Lions have found ways to maintain…Up 8 under a minute left, Penn State has this won.  Quite a game by the secondary scorers.  Great team win.