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Big Ten Expansion And Jim Delany's Secret Negotiating Tactic

These topics and much more are discussed on the Black Heart Gold Pants podcast, with super special guests Sean Keeley (from SB Nation's mothership and SBN's Syracuse blog, Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician) and my lovely self.  We take on the eastern expansion candidates: Pitt, Syracuse, Rutgers, and even Maryland.  It's nearly a half hour of fun, though the proverbial money shot is at the 23:00 mark as Oops Pow details Jim Delany's decidedly NSFW powers of persuasion.


If you order now, you'll also receive another BHGPodcast for free, featuring Burnt Orange Nation head honcho Peter Bean and M Rock Nation's Bill C., as they discuss the Big 12 candidates for annexation.  It's SBNation corporate synergy at its finest!

Visit BHGP for the direct link, or subscribe through iTunes.