THON 46 Hour Open Thread

[Bumped, For The Kids. Of course, all Penn Staters know that "THON" is our Happy Valley jargon for the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon. For the less informed, THON is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. Yes, the world. Since its inception, THON has raised $61,000,000 to help fight pediatric cancer, benefiting The Four Diamonds Fund at Penn State Children’s Hospital. Last year, Four Diamonds received $7,093,777 as a result of the hard work, dedication, and hallucinatory sweating of THON volunteers and, of course, dancers. Don't forget that is the official site. Donate here. THON store here. And look, streaming webcast below! -- RUTS]

Free TV : Ustream

In case anyone was not aware, THON started about an hour ago. I haven't seen it in the BJC but I heard it is incredible there. I danced in 2002 back when it was 48 hours (and an actual marathon j/k) Just wanted to say "Good Luck" to all the dancers that may be in BSDland and thanks for the efforts to all the students who raised money or helped out in anyway this year.

If there are any students reading this who have not been a part of THON in the past, Take a walk over to the BJC and see what it is all about. Trust me, you will remember THON just as much (if not more than) any football game.

Use the comments to post funny stories or memories of THON during your time at PSU.

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