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How to Woo an 18 Year Old Athlete - Recruiting Update the Day Before Signing Day

Signing Day is a mere 24 hours away, and attempts to sign the next big thing are gearing up all over the country. Penn State's remaining chances to sign the 21st recruit in this class are slim, but there certainly is not a lack of drama heading into this signing day. So to put things in perspective, the following are a number of high profile kids to watch out for during tomorrow's drama. Penn State has limited shots with Michael Thornton and Keenan Allen, but I wouldn't hold my breath for either. So, we will also take a look at some Big Ten recruits that Penn State may, at some point, see on the other side of the ball.


Michael Thornton (4* DT - Stone Mountain, GA)

All signs point to this kid being Georgia's to lose, with Penn State having an outside chance. Some of his teammates are headed to Kentucky, and USC attempted to make a late push, so there are other outside chances, but my money is on UGA. Thornton will announce at 10 am Wednesday.

Keenan Allen (5* S - Greensboro, NC)

Allen made Signing Day a little more interesting when he decommitted from Alabama. Early in his commitment, Allen said that PSU was one of his favorites, and now reports are that Allen's services will come down to Cal vs. PSU. Clemson has been thrown around as well. Allen appears to be a package deal with his brother, Zach Maynard, a transfer candidate from Buffalo. This one seems to be Cal's star athlete to lose. Allen will announce at 9 am on Wednesday.

Adrian Coxson (4* WR - Baltimore, MD)

After decommitting from Penn State, Coxson seemed to fit the mold of a Florida player. Whether or not they have a scholarship for him is another story. However, I still see Coxson being a Gator by 2010 (and maybe a different school by 2011).

Marcus Lattimore (5* RB - Duncan, SC)

Lattimore seemed to be a solid PSU recruit until Evan Royster announced his return to the Lions. Now, he is likely going to become a Gamecock at South Carolina, with Auburn having an outside shot. This kid gets nothing but praise from me, though, unlike the man above him on this list. Lattimore handled his recruitment with unusual tact and poise, and future recruits could follow his lead. Lattimore will actually announce at 6 pm Tuesday.


Seantrel Henderson (5* OL - St. Paul, MN)

MASSIVE lineman seems to be destined for Columbus, but USC has made a late push. I would be very surprised, however, if this kid isn't lining up opposite one of Larry's boys within 2 years. He is currently rated the second best recruit in the country at Rivals, so I guess to be the best (in 2011), we're going to have to beat the best.

Sean Parker (4* DB - Harbor City, CA)

Parker's recruitment will come down to Washington, USC, and Michigan, with some reports having Michigan in the lead.


Demar Dorsey

Florida decommit is now the target of a USC vs. Florida State battle. Look for FSU to prevail on this 5* athlete.

Markeith Ambles

The most highly rated player to follow Ol' Lane to USC should make it official tomorrow. Slim chances the WR stays with Tennessee.

Christian Jones

An in-state battle is coming to a head between Florida and FSU for the second ranked OLB.

Chaz Green

USC Lane vs. Urban, Part 1. Lane was targeting Green while at Tennessee, so only time will tell if the highly rated OT will head west with Kiffin or stay in Florida with Urban.

There will be plenty of other kids doing the Hat Dance on national television tomorrow, so we're going to put an Open Thread. If it gets too "To Catch a Predator"-ish we'll shut it down, because one can only watch so much TV about 18 year olds making major decisions on their lives based on the hopes and dreams sold them by old white men in their living rooms.