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BSD Flips The Odometer


Sometime in the next hour or two, the BSD odometer will flip over at three million unique visits, of which I'm reasonably certain Rambler is only responsible for a third. To put this into perspective, if I had a dollar for every time someone clicked a link and landed on BSD, I would be naked right now in a pile of cash as big as my house laughing at you all for being so stupid to keep coming back here and reading this crap.

Seriously though, it's been a helluva ride since we first lit up this tube of the internet back in 2006. I was thrilled the first time we hit 100 visitors in a day. It blew my mind the first time we got 100 comments in a post. To flip three million visitors goes beyond anything I ever dreamed. So thanks to you all for making BSD what it is today. And thanks to RUTS, Kevin, Junny, FTG, Icersguy, psuwresfan, and carolinaeasy for helping out with the posts and keeping the car out of the ditch. I could never do all of this without their support.

Here's to another three million.