Is it time for Ed DeChellis to go? RESURRECTED!!!

For those of you who missed last night's action, come with me on a trip down memory lane. Don't worry, it's ok... I'll be here.

Ed DeChellis has been at the helm of the nittany lion mens basketball program since 03, and now finally and with all sadness i believe it is time for him to leave ad head coach. The team record to date is 8-13 with a record 0-9 in the big ten conference. this is awful! This team has played uninspired except for a few games here and there in the big ten this season and i believe DeChellis time has run out. Now I understand why you kept him as coach this season because you were coming off a NIT Championship and the expectations were a NCAA berth this season. You also had a pre-season conference player of the year candidate coming back in guard Taylor Battle so you wanted to keep that consistency but when they started losing early he should of been let go. butt now that its late in the year, let him finish the year then fire him. If he ends up getting fired i would hire a young and up in coming coach just like UVA did when they hired Tony Bennett away from Washington State.

And now, the rest of our journey can be found here... if it doesn't load at first, try to refresh. Kick back after the game tonight, relax, and enjoy the thread voted "Most likely to get Stephen Obeng-Agyapong to laugh" by AdamShell.

Oh Skins4Ever, we barely knew ye

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