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Game Nots: Buckeyes Bust Lions

Under 16: Andrew Ott is injured, and is replaced by Andrew Jones in the starting lineup…Nice jumper by Jones for the first score.  That’s something you won’t see from Ott…Ohio State looks amazing in transition…Not a very good opening four minutes, especially offensively.  8-2.

Under 12: Nice feed to Jones out of the timeout.  That’s how it should be done.  Easy, scripted points…Brooks has entered the game and has picked up two quick fouls.  Tellingly, Ed has left him in.  Not much to save for later…Nits are giving up too many open jumpers at the moment to keep this close…15-8.

Under 8: Back to normal coming out of the time out; shot clock violation…Three dreadful offensive possessions in a row.  Battle bails Penn State out on the third, pulling an and-1 out of no where…Ohio State is kicking the ball around the outside at will.  Lauderdale could take the night off.

Under 4: Not sure whether to praise Frazier or call him an idiot on that opening inbound.  We’re now 1/3 coming out of timeouts on offense…Nice, fluid offense setting Talor up for three…Zone looked like the parting of the Red Sea leading to a Lauderdale and-one after a, you guessed it, offensive rebound…Jackson hits a jumper.  Offense has been very good this segment.  Unfortunately the D has been pretty bad…28-18

Last 4: BANK!!! Chris Babb…Ohio State is wrecking the zone right now.  Not sure if switching to man is a solution seeing as Penn State can’t rotate in man-to-man either, but it’s looking rough…38-24.

Halftime Notes: Seemed like Penn State couldn’t put together offense and defense for even 30 seconds that half.  When the defense was holding the Bucketes, the offense was stagnant and almost non-existent.  When the offense finally showed some signs of life (when Tim Frazier entered), the zone defense fell apart.

Under 16: Edwards is hurt to open the half, joining Ott with a bad shoulder...Quick 5-0 run to start the half…Jeff Brooks looks bad on two straight possessions, Buckeyes take the deficit right up to 11 again…Another jumper by Jones.  Good to see that in his arsenal…Good opening salvo for the Nits…42-31.

Under 12: Penn State ruins whatever momentum was generated coming out of halftime by playing the zone 4th graders.  "This is my zone, and I’m not leaving it"…47-37

Under 8: Buckeyes seem to be on cruise.  Penn State will close, and the Bucks will cooly come down the floor and keep the lead between 9-11…meh…56-46.

Under 4: Loving Sasa’s aggressiveness off the bench.  Gets stuff on one possession, comes right back and gets a pair at the line…Not a whole lot going on.  The Buckeyes are maintaining very well.  Come to think of it they’re playing a very good game in general.  Their transition game has been excellent this evening, and they’ve been making the extra pass and dicing us up from outside all night long.  Best prepared I’ve seen a Big 10 team all season.  65-57

Last 4: Chris Babb nails a three, gets Penn State to within five…refs are taking over the game down the stretch.  Too many foul calls this late….Penn State draws to within three, then proceeds to leave Diebler wide open from the perimeter.  He ain’t missing that…Down 6, Battle turns the ball over, and Babb comes down and commits a ridiculous intentional foul.  Inexplicable.  WE LOSE