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Penn State 2011 Recruiting - Running Backs

Previously we looked at what Penn State needs to do in recruiting quarterbacks in the class of 2011. So today we'll move on and look at the running backs. As always, let's start out looking at the 2010 scholarship running back roster.

Seniors Juniors Sophomores Redshirt Freshmen True
Evan Royster Stephfon Green Curtis Dukes Silas Redd
Brent Carter Brandon Beachum

As you can see, Penn State should be stacked at the running back position in 2010, but the roster is a bit top heavy with upperclassmen. Royster and Carter will be gone after the 2010 season, and even in 2011 there shouldn't be a huge need for a running back with four scholarship players still on the roster. But in 2012 only Dukes and Redd will be left, so I think it makes sense for Penn State to get a kid this year, let him redshirt in 2011, and then he's ready to hit the field in 2012. I would look for Penn State to take one running back in this class.

It's going to be tough to get a stud with these numbers. Running back is the easiest position to step on campus and play right away, and Penn State realistically can't promise much playing time before 2012. This is good and bad. Bad because it's going to scare off some kids. Good because even if Penn State strikes out this year, next year they can take two kids and they can make immediate impacts on the field.

So in conclusion, I would look for Penn State to take one running back in this class. But if they strike out don't worry about it too much. They will be fine in 2011, and they can sign two running backs in 2012 and it shouldn't have much impact on the depth chart.

Projected 2011 Scholarship Totals
Quarterbacks 1
Running Backs 1
Projected Total 16-18

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