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NCAA Wrestling All American Predictions

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The NCAA tournament gets underway today around noon, and concludes with the finals on Saturday night. Below is the tv schedule for the tournament. 

10:30am - 2:30pm EST 

07:00pm - 10:30pm EST 

Medal Round 
11:00am - 03:00pm EST 

ESPN - Sat
07:30pm - 11:30pm EST 

Continue reading for my predictions on this years All Americans as well as some matches to watch. 

All Americans
1st: Angel Escobedo Indiana
2nd: Matt McDonough Iowa
3rd: Troy Nickerson Cornell
4th: Andrew Long Iowa St. 
5th: Anthony Robles Ariz St.
6th: Zach Sanders Minnesota
7th: Chris Notte Oklahoma St

Matches to watch: 
Every match with Troy Nickerson, no one knows what kind of shape his shoulder is in he's wrestled just 14 matches. He could win it all or not place depending on his heath. 

Any match with Anthony Robles the Junior from Arizona St has always been a good story wrestling with just one leg, but last year he proved he's also a good wrestler. He's a bit of a wild card as well and should he meet Escobedo in the semifinals that could be a great match. 

1st round match to watch:
Brad Pataky vs Jarrod Patterson their match at the Virginia Duals was a good one and I expect this to be about the same. 

All Americans
1st: Jayson Ness Minnesota
2nd: Franklin Gomez Mich St
3rd: Jordan Oliver Oklahoma St
4th:  Daniel Dennis Iowa
5th: Mike Grey Cornell
6th: Scott Sentes Cent Mich
7th: Steve Bell Maryland

Matches to watch: 
The semis here should be outstanding if the seeds hold with Oliver taking on Ness and Gomez and Dennis going at it again. Dennis has won every match with Gomez so far however I have a feeling this could finally be the time Gomez gets the edge. 

1st round match to watch:
The pig tail between Sentes and Matt Fisk from Lehigh could be a potential upset, and should be a pretty good match. 

All Americans
1st: Reece Humphrey Ohio St
2nd: Jamal Parks Oklahoma St
3rd: Mike Thorn Minnesota
4th: Kyle Dake Cornell
5th: Montell Marion Iowa
6th: Alex Krom Maryland
7th: Zack Bailey Oklahoma

Matches to watch:
Kyle Dake the true freshman is also the number one seed. He's also rumored to have a banged up knee, which adds a little more intrigue. Most high school seasons would have ended by now so it's always interesting to see how worn down a true freshman is at the NCAAs. 

The Chris Diaz Thorn quarterfinal tomorrow morning could be pretty good. Thorn is red hot right now after upsetting Humphrey in the Big Ten final. 

1st round match to watch:
8th Seed Alex Krom from Maryland and Chris Drouin from Arizona St should be a pretty solid 1st round bout. 

All Americans
1st: Brent Metcalf Iowa
2nd: Lance Palmer Ohio St
3rd: Matt Kyler Army
4th Kyle Terry Okla
5th: Frank Molinaro Penn St
6th: Kyle Rushcell Wisconsin
7th: Jason Chamberlain Boise St

Matches to watch: 
Obviously after the upset at the Big Tens a final between Palmer and Metcalf should be an extremely entertaining match.

Watch out for a PA kid Matt Kyler from Army if he gets past Terry of Oklahoma he could give Metcalf a very tough match in the semis.

A quarterfinal rubber match between Molinaro and Ruschell should be a good one. 

1st round match to watch:
12th seed Mario Mason from Minnesota against Eric Albright from Pittsburgh. Albright was once a Penn State recruit before backing out at the last minute to go to Virginia. He's now in Pittsburgh and has the only real chance at a first round upset in this weight at my opinion. Also Grajeles of Penn against Kyle Terry in the first round could be interesting. Grajeles was suspended most of the season and only has 15 matches under his belt. 

All Americans
1st: Adam Hall Boise St
2nd: Cyler Sanderson Penn St
3rd: JP O'Conner Harvard
4th Dustin Schlatter Minnesota
5th: Matt Moley Bloomsburg
6th: Jesse Dong Va Tech
7th: Steve Fittery American

Matches to watch:
All of them this is probably one of the weaker weight classes in the tournament but it also has the most parity. I expect plenty of upsets. 

Anthony Jones from Michigan St and Jesse Dong from Virginia Tech could be an exciting 2nd round match tonight. Jones was red hot at the Big Ten tournament and Dong seems a bit over seeded in my opinion. 

Every Dustin Schlatter match, he came into Minnesota very highly regarded and backed it up in his freshman campaign. He's battled injuries and other problems since and hasn't really quite lived up to Minnesota fans expectations. This is his final trip to the tournament after he injury defaulted out of the Big Ten tournament no one knows what kind of condition he'll be in tonight. 

1st round match to watch:
7th Seed Chase Pami from Cal Poly against Kurt Kinser of Indiana. I've always though Kinser was over rated but he's capable of beating anyone and I think that's the best shot for a first round upset. 

All Americans
1st: Andrew Howe Wisconsin
2nd: Nick Marable Missouri
3rd: Jonathon Reader Iowa St
4th: Dan Vallimont Penn St
5th: Jarrod King Edinboro
6th: Colt Sponsellor Ohio St
7th: Alex Meade Okla St

Matches to watch:
Unlike 157 this weight class is loaded and has a ton of parity any of the top ten seeds has a chance to win it. I hate to not pick a specific match but the quarterfinals and semifinals at this weight could be some of the best matches of the tournament. Specifically Vallimont vs Marable and Meade vs King. 

1st round Match to watch: 
Dan Vallimont vs Matt Epperly Vallimont beat Epperly 4 3 at the Virginia Duals this a must win for Dan you don't want to fall into the consis this early at the NCAAs. 

All Americans
1st: Mack Lewnes Cornell
2nd: Jay Borschell Iowa
3rd: Stephen Dwyer Nebraska
4th: Scott Glasser Minnesota
5th: Chris Henrich Virginia
6th: Josh Patterson Binghamton
7th: Luke Manuel Purdue

Matches to watch: 
Lewnes and Dwyer in the semis, Lewnes came in as the number 1 seed last year and got upset in the first round, so you have to think he'll be plenty motivated this time around. That match should be a dandy. 

If it comes of according to seed you have to love a battle of two unbeaten wrestler in the final that will be the case if Lewnes and Borschell both make the final. 

1st round match to watch:
9th Seed Luke Manuel of Purdue and Phil Morricone of Edinboro, Morricone has been around for a long time and you can never rule out a senior making his final trip to the NCAAs. And after last years upset you have to watch Mack Lewnes in the first round. 

All Americans
1st: John Dergo Illinois
2nd: Kirk Smith Boise St
3rd: Max Askren Missouri
4th: Clayton Foster Okla St
5th: Dutin Kilgore Kent St
6th Mike Cannon American
7th: Phil Keddy Iowa
8th: Joe LeBlanc Wyoming

Matches to watch:
For Penn State fans Dave Erwin vs Max Askren a win here would greatly improve Dave's chances of becoming an all american. Also top seed Kirk Smith against Phil Keddy in the quarters could be a great match. 

1st round match to watch:
Probably easiest pick in the whole tournament #10 seed Mike Pucillo Ohio State vs Mike Miller from Central Mich. two former all american wrestling in a pig tail. Meaning one won't even be in the preliminary round of the tournament wow. 

All Americans:
1st: Jake Varner Iowa ST
2nd: Hudson Taylor Maryland
3rd: Cam Simaz Cornell
4th Craig Brester Nebraska
5th: Eric Lapotsky Oklahoma
6th: Trevor Brandvold Wisconsin
7th: Chad Beatty Iowa

Matches to watch: 
Beatty and Sonny Yohn in the 2nd round tonight. Yohn beat Beatty in overtime at the Big Ten tournament Beatty has had another couple of weeks to heal up and get in better shape. 

Simaz and Brandvold should be a great quarterfinal match on Friday morning. 

1st round match to watch:
Chad Beatty vs Alan Glogaev Okla St Tough tough draw for Beatty this should be a great first round match and I wouldn't be surprised to see a not 100% Beatty lose this match. 

All Americans
1st: David Zabriski Iowa St
2nd: Jared Rosholt Okla St
3rd: Conrad Dudziak Duke
4th: Zach Rey Lehigh
5th: Dan Erekson Iowa
6th: Nate Everhart Indiana
7th: Mark Ellis Missouri

Matches to watch:
Dudziak vs Erekson in the quarterfinal Dudziak surprised a lot of people last year with his strong tournament run. 

Rey and Everhart should be another strong quarterfinal it's time for both guys to prove they deserved to be highly ranked. 

1st round match to watch: 
Truthfully I don't really expect many upsets of seeded guys in the top round here. If I had to pick one it would be Josh Arnone from Cornell against 9 seed Mark Ellis of Missouri. Arnone is a solid but not spectacular wrestler and Ellis isn't having the best season ever.