Josh Hullstache And Why He Will Be Drafted

Alright, I'll admit it. I was one of the many people in the stands of PSU football games blaming Josh Hull for most of the bad things that happened on defense in 2008; and for most of the year, I was right. Towards the end of the year, he started improving dramatically and was at the point where I felt like he was adequate at least. I could tell that he was at least working hard at getting better, and it showed.

After a hard off-season of work, though, he came back even better in 2009. I still had my doubts, but Hull proved me wrong again, turning in 116 tackles and 2 interceptions to finish off his senior year at Penn State. Again, Hull proved me wrong using his Rocky-like dedication along with an 80s style mustache that perfectly complemented his work style. I will say that in pass defense, he appeared to be bad or lost at times (although there's lots of factors that contribute to that that maybe aren't his fault), but I thought, hey, good for him. He walked-on at arguably one of the best football schools on the planet, one renowned for its linebackers, and started for most of two years. That takes a lot of hard work to accomplish. I figured, like many other people, that his football career was probably over post-PSU though.

Hull proved me wrong again, though. He turned in the best 20-yard shuttle, 60-yard shuttle, and 4th-best 3 cone drill of all linebackers at the NFL combine. This includes all the SEC jabronis and all the linebackers that are supposedly more physically gifted than Hull. I don't know what those numbers means in terms of draftability, but I do know this: you have to be legitimately fast to get good times in all those drills. The same cannot be said of the 40-yard dash, which is mostly well-taught technique.

Another thing I know is that Hull has only gotten faster since he left PSU. If someone had told me that Josh Hull would be at the top or near the top of all linebackers in the combine in three drills, I would have slapped them with a large trout. Even since the end of the season, he's gotten quicker and stronger, and the reason why is because of the same work ethic that made him a starter, and eventually, one of the best walk-on players that PSU has ever had. He will take this same work ethic to whatever NFL team that is smart enough to draft him, I'm sure.

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