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Nitt Picks Is Always Judging

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Watching, judging. ESPN caught up with JayPa to vaguely discuss what the players have been eating for dinner yeah the quarterback thing:


Paterno also hinted toward Newsome developing an increased pocket presence this season. The coach told Rittenberg:

"Matt is really comfortable sitting in the pocket and making the throws. We're getting Kevin to that point. That's going to be one thing we're going to work on, and with most young quarterbacks, that's the case. They have a tendency, when things break down, [to say] 'I better get out of here,' instead of staying in there like Daryll did for us so much."

So mark it official: Clark was both of the mindset and being taught to be a pass first guy.  It got to the point where this might have actually been a negative considering Clark's size and running ability.

The second thing we now know is that Newsome hasn't turned some magical pocket passing corner this offseason considering Jay is basically admitting that last year's #3 guy is a more comfortable passer than last year's designated backup.  The spring game isn't far off and we'll get a better look, but expectations are being set relatively low right now.

And some of the more interesting details:

One of the things I do in the spring is I chart every pass they throw: why it was successful, why it wasn't. Sometimes, a play isn't successful because they were in the right defense. Sometimes, a kid drops the ball and that's not on the quarterback. We went through this with [Pat] Devlin and Clark, where we charted every pass, so on my computer I could pull up every pass we did.

As a stathead I 100% approve, and demand statsheet starting doing this for every game they record.

Draftin'.  The PPG did a nice article on some of the struggles the newly departed Nittany Lions are facing out in the real world--if you can call the NFL draft the real world.  No one seems to be tumbling quite like Bowman, though:

Bowman, who bypassed his final year of eligibility to enter the NFL draft, originally was projected as a late first-round pick. But he has since slipped to the third or fourth rounds after running poor times in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine and scoring an 11 out of 50 on his Wonderlic intelligence test, according to

After what Bowman went through it's hard not to root for the guy, and I'm not sure anyone here was really mad he left early, even if not everyone agreed it was the smartest move.

And at least he has some clarity.  Clark, who has been bunking up in Jay Paterno's basement, is throwing darts:

"I've heard [anywhere] from fifth, sixth or seventh round, and I've even heard free agency."

...which really adds faith to the idea that the NFL has any idea where these guys are going to land when they hand out projections in January to the guys thinking about jumping.

Brrrr...oh it's actually not that bad out here.  TDG charts out what I'm assuming is the average temperatures temperature of every game in the Big Ten this season, and we're near the top where you always knew we were.


And he summarizes nicely:

The words "freezing" and "frozen" were completely inappropriate for describing Big Ten football in 2009...Only 6 games out of 77 were played in weather below 40 degrees.

Penn State landed two of those 6, plus one that was arbitrarily cutoff at 40.  So that's 37% of the time we aren't playing in paradise, but the data does negate the idea that we play sub-20-degree football every week after September.

In scores of other games.  USA Today's all-inclusive database that was all the rage last week doesn't include Penn State...the baseball team has three straight wins after a rough start...and a take on the Meyer thing that doesn't involve journalists and bloggers getting on their soap boxes and singing their tired and typical song.