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Recruiting Roundup

SPRING IS HERE! Spring practice, recruiting trips, and BSD debates that don't involve Ed Dechellis are slowly becoming the norm, and I, for one, am excited to get this thing started. Don't get me wrong, there is still too much time between now and September 4th, but at least now we can talk about what is going on in Happy Valley with some actual football being played (OK, actual football is a stretch).

Penn State's 2011 recruiting class is going to be a small one, think 12-16 players, but that doesn't mean it won't be a strong one. The offensive line and the secondary are the priorities with this class, but there are also some targeted skill players that should get the masses excited. We'll try to cover some of these players each week, and hopefully the siren will be going off very soon.

Since it is still so early in the process (at least by PSU's standards), I'll just list a few of the players we're after in this Roundup. Don't be alarmed by Texas and Ohio State when they say they've got X amount of verbal commitments already; Paterno and Co. know exactly what they are doing. With such a small class, they need to be certain of who gets an offer and how much they pursue each player.

Listed below are the players who have already received offers (as reported by Scout, which should be taken with a grain of salt as some players report offers that don't exist, and some offers are missed).

1. Ben Koyack (TE) 5*
2. Savon Huggins (RB) 4*
3. Cyrus Kuoandjio (OL) 5*
4. Doran Grant (CB) 4*
5. Travis Hughes (LB) 4*
6. Terrell Chestnut (CB) 4*
7. Conor Hanratty (OL) 4*
8. Michael Caputo (LB) 4*
9. Ishaq Williams (DE/TE) 4*
10. Quinta Funderburk (WR) 4*
11. Darius Jennings (WR) 4*
12. Eric MacLain (TE) 3*
13. Zach West (OL) 3*
14. Donovan Smith (OL) 3*
15. Jay Whitmire (OL) 3*
16. JaJuan Story (WR) NR
17. Aundrey Walker (OL) NR
18. Darian Cooper (DT) NR
19. Deion Barnes (DE) NR

Scout's list is notoriously outdated, but it gives you an idea of who we are after and what their positional breakdown. Further, some of these kids have been offered, but we don't stand much of a chance (see e.g., Doran Grant, Cyrus Kuoandjio). The following players are not listed on Scout's list but do have offers.

1. Shawn Oakman (DE)
2. Marquise Wright (DT)
3. Shaun Underwood (DT)
4. Brandon Phelps (ATH)

I'm sure that I'm missing some, but like I said, there is no way to know exactly who has been offered without somehow getting inside the head of Big Red. As you can see, the offensive and defensive lines are targets, as well as the secondary. Further, players like Ben Koyack and Savon Huggins are going to be big targets for PSU, with a lof of emphasis being put on their recruitment (Huggins, for example, is the only RB we've offered thus far, to the dismay of Harrisburg RB Jameel Poteat).

As Josh Moyer points out over at Nittany Network ($$ - reprinted with permission):

Here's how Penn State currently stacks up in the Big Ten:

Ohio State: 7 verbal commitments
Michigan State: 3
Michigan: 3
Minnesota: 2
Illinois: 1
Indiana: 1
Northwestern: 1
Wisconsin: 1
Iowa: 0
Penn State: 0
Purdue: 0

But again, don't be alarmed. The staff knows what they are doing, and we will once again have a solid recruiting class. I would have liked to have a siren by now, but I can wait until April 24th when many of the recruits will be in town for the BW game.

Until that first recruit gives a commitment, you'll just have to live with these sirens. Stay tuned next week, when hopefully we'll have some more in depth coverage of some of the players listed above.