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Wrestling Big Ten Tournament Preview

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Big Ten Brackets are out they can be found here. My predictions are below. Wrestling starts tomorrow at 11 am finishing up on Sunday with the finals at 2 pm. The finals will air live on the Big Ten Network. Unfortunately there's no tv or internet streaming for the rest of the tournament. If the Big Ten already has a crew there for the finals you would think it would make sense to at least put up the rest of the wrestling online. But that's an argument for another day. 

125: 6 Qualify for Nationals
1st: Angel Escobedo Ind
2nd: Matt McDonough Iowa
3rd: Brad Pataky Penn State
4th: Zach Sanders Minnesota
5th: Nikko Triggas Ohio State
6th: John Deneen Illinois
I give the edge to Pataky over Sanders since Sanders has wrestled 1 match in the past month. The top two should be well ahead of everyone else. 


133: 5 Qualify for Nationals
1st: Jayson Ness Minnesota
2nd: Franklin Gomez Michigan State
3rd: Daniel Dennis Iowa
4th: Eric Metzler Northwestern
5th: Tyler Graff Wisconsin
6th: Zac Stevens Michigan
I was tempted to put Gomez in the number 1 spot he seems to always come up big in the post season so it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he wins this weight class. 

141: 5 Qualify for Nationals
1st: Reece Humphrey Ohio State
2nd: Montell Marion Iowa
3rd: Mike Thorn Minnesota
4th: Ryan Prater Illinois 
5th: Adam Lynch Penn State
6th: Juan Archuleta Purdue
It's Reece Humphrey then everyone else he should win easily. Lynch has a Big Match against Prater in the 2nd round I'm giving Prater the edge this time around. 

149: 8 Qualify for Nationals
1st: Brent Metcalf Iowa
2nd: Lance Palmer Ohio State
3rd: Kyle Ruschell Wisconsin
4th: Frank Molinaro Penn State
5th: Andrew Nadhir Northwestern
6th: Mario Mason Minnesota
7th: David Cheza Michigan State
8th: Nick Bertucci Purdue
Metcalf wins again easily I think Molinaro falls short in the consi finals this time around against Ruschell. 

157: 4 Qualify for Nationals
1st: Dustin Schlatter Minnesota
2nd: Cyler Sanderson Penn State
3rd: Kurt Kinser Indiana
4th: Jake Kerr Iowa
5th: Colton Salazar Purdue
6th: Sean Nemec Ohio State
I'm not sure what's going on with this weight the brackets have Colton Salazar the #1 seed and wrestling unseeded Dustin Schlatter. I don't think Sanderson will have any trouble getting past Kinser in the semis but will again lose to Schlatter. The fact that Kerr's the 4th seed should tell you how weak this weight is. 

165: 5 Qualify for Nationals
1st: Andrew Howe Wisconsin
2nd: Ryan Morningstar Iowa
3rd: Dan Vallimont Penn State
4th: Colt Sponsellor Ohio State
5th: Paul Young Indiana
6th: Cody Yohn Minnesota
Vallimont has an extremely tough match against Young in the first round. He's had trouble with him in the past, it's essentially a must win for Dan. You don't want to drop into the consi's early in any weight but especially not this one which is extremely deep. I think the bottom bracket is a tad easier than the top but I wouldn't be surprised to see Morningstar get tripped up somewhere along the way. 

174: 6 Qualify for Nationals
1st: Jay Borschel Iowa
2nd: Scott Glasser Minnesota
3rd: Luke Manuel Purdue
4th: Jordan Blaton Illinois
5th: Dave Rella Ohio State
6th: Ian Hinton Michigan State
I think Borschel will win this weight easily, although a potential semifinal bout with Blanton could be interesting. 

184: 5 Qualify for Nationals
1st: John Dergo Illinois
2nd: Phil Keddy Iowa
3rd: Mike Pucillo Ohio State
4th: Dave Erwin Penn State
5th: Travis Rutt Wisconsin
6th: Nick Corpe Purdue 
Erwin seems to always struggle at Big Tens I see him losing in the semis to Keddy and the consi final to Pucillo. But I also think with a good tournament he could easily win this thing. This weight is wide open any of the guys listed here could win it with a good weekend. 

197: 7 Qualify for Nationals
1st: Anthony Biondo Mich
2nd Chad Beatty Iowa
3rd: Trevor Brandvold Wisc
4th: Patrick Bond Illinois
5th: Matt Powless Ind
6th: Sonny Yohn Minnesota
7th: Logan Brown Purdue
8th: Cody Magrum Ohio State
This one is a little out there I just don't know what Beatty will be like having hardly wrestled all year. I'm also not sure how this weight got 7 guys into the NCAAs. 

Hwt: 5 Qualify for Nationals
1st: Dan Erekson Iowa
2nd: Nate Everhart Indiana
3rd: Ben Berhow Minnesota
4th: Cameron Wade Penn State
5th: Eric Bugenhagen Wisconsin
6th: Alan O'Donnell Mich State
I'm still not sure how Everhart is seeded or ranked as high as he's been this year. This is a guy who was absolutely dreadful the past couple of years. Erekson should be the best heavyweight of the weak group if he's healthy. Wade gets though but he needs to focus on winning his first bout. I think Berhow beats him again for the 2nd time in two weeks. 

I think Penn State got some good spots for a few guys. Molinaro has to be a little disappointed getting Metcalf in the semis.