Penn State baskeball wimps out of preseason tournament

Penn State was scheduled to appear in the 76 classic in California next season but has recently pulled out of the event. Given that Ed never has his team's ready to start the season and that they've done nothing but EMBARRASS themselves in these events, it obviously shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Can't wait to hear the next Ed presser where he tells us how hard it is for Penn State to play people. I'm sure that tournament will be replaced with games vs St Francis and Lafayette.

We have the most clueless basketball program in the country. Our NCAA Tournament bid preventing schedule from two years ago was followed up by an even weaker non conference schedule this past year.

Ed talks about schools that want Penn State to come to their gym to play a ESPN game, but Ed won't play these teams because they won't come back to Penn State.

Dear Ed,

You aren't coaching the Penn State Football program where you can demand 1 for 1 or even 2 for 1. Penn State basketball blows, has actually managed to be worse under your tenure and teams have nothing to gain by beating you. They aren't going to travel to Penn State. Kentucky didn't make a return trip to Penn State, but Dunn still went and played them. Coaches who are trying to BUILD a nationally respected program go out on the road and don't hide in their 3/4 empty arena to play teams in the 300's in the RPI.

I guess Tim and Ed didn't want to hear about losing to Tulane and UNC Wilmington again next year. This program is a joke.

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