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2007 Recruiting Class: Where Are They Now?

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When I started this series, in no way did I intend to do all of our current players. This has turned into a de facto player-by-player "Where Are They Now." However, I've had so much fun doing them (and NOT doing actual work), that I'm getting kind of sad that I've only got two left. Maybe if I get really bored I can look at even further back classes and look to see where players like Kerry Collins, Levi Brown, and other no-name scrubs have ended up.

Like the 2009 class, the 2007 class topped the scales at over 20 commits. Unfortunately, some have left, some have seen very little of the field, and some have been duds. Have no fear, though, as this class brought us The Wiz (and nobody beats him), Chaz "My Positional Door Swings Both Ways" Powell, and another Suhey, inter alia.

The class had nine linemen, three LBs, and five DBs, with a smattering of other skill positions thrown in there. Some have transferred from their recruited position to a new one, but like most years, the target positions remain the same.

The 2007 class, with as many humorous pop culture references as I can think of...

Four star recruits (stars by Scout)
Chris Colasanti (LB) - still trying to get his [stuff] together; by default (READ: age), he is probably the leading MLB candidate for the 2010 season; will probably not end the season as such, given the talent behind him fighting for playing time

Stefan Wisniewski (OL) - starting center in 2009, with some talk of a move back to his natural guard position; would probably be a better guard, but because of need, he was transferred last year, and things seemed to work out OK; is actually comfortable in multiple positions

Jon Ditto (TE) - recruited as TE, moved to LB at some point; never really saw the field; left the team at the beginning of the 2009 season and is reportedly working on a morning TV show in San Francisco with his dead wife's brother's wife

Andrew Dailey (LB) - played a bunch in 2008, then a little in 2009, and is now stuck somewhere on the defensive back depth chart; most likely won't see the playing field in 2010

Nate Stupar (LB) - leading candidate for one of the LB spots; apparently wicked smart as a consistent Dean's List student; 31 tackles, an interception, and a sack in '09; doesn't appreciate punters

Nick Sukay (DB) - likely starter at safety in 2010; 41 tackles, two fumble recoveries, and two interceptions in '09; adept at doing the worm

Andrew Szczerba (TE) - the only TE on the PSU roster to have caught a pass in actual game time (depending on what position you put Brett Brackett in); no relation to Coach Krzyzewski

Devon Still (DL) - likely candidate for other DT spot (opposite one of the greatest names in PSU football history, Ollie Ogbu); has the unluckiest left leg in America (almost as unlucky as Scott Norwood's right leg), tearing an ACL one year and breaking an ankle the next; hopefully still has an explosiveness to help fill the Jared Odrick-sized void left on the DL

JB Walton (OL) - left the team before the '09 season because of academic issues (due to an apparent learning disorder); no updates on his current whereabouts, but if I had to posit an unsubstantiated guess, I'd say he's probably co-owning a barely solvent Irish bar in Philadelphia with his sister and two friends

Josh Marks (OL) - left the team before the '08 season because of who knows; reportedly transferred to Pitt, but their 2009 roster makes no mention of him; similar to Walton, his current whereabouts are unknown, but another unsubstantiated guess puts Marks in the Miami area where he has become a crime-fighting blood spatter analyst that moonlights as a killer

Chaz Powell (DB) - recruited as DB, moved to WR, made some sweet plays, and now is moving back to DB, to hopefully make some sweeter plays; very athletic player, so he'll almost certainly be on the DB two-deep, but a starting position is still up in the air; saw action as KR last year as well, but who the hell knows whats going on with the special teams anymore (see Breen, Ryan, infra)

Derrick Moye (WR) - starting WR opposite The Zug; led the team with 48 catches for 785 yards, adding six touchdowns; will be relied heavily upon in 2010 if the passing game begins to breakdown, as a reliable wide receiver is a shaky QBs best friend (ask every Michigan quarterback that ever threw to Braylon Edwards)

Three star recruits
Stephfon Green (RB) - speedster out of NY; has been stuck behind Evan Royster since he came to Penn State; look to see a healthy dose of the Royster-Green combo, with flashes from Curtis Dukes and Brandon Beachum, until the QB situation can get on track

Kevion Latham (DL) - has seen plenty of action, and will likely be on the two-deep at DL by season start; as mentioned before, LJSr. likes to rotate frequently, and Latham will see action in replacement of Jack Crawford and Eric Lattimore, along with other rising DL stars

Quinn Barham (OL) - saw time at C behind AQ in 2008; saw time elsewhere in 2009; will push for time in 2010; apparently a BeatMaker and DifferenceMaker, whatever that means; listed as First Team OL on the initial Spring 2010 depth chart, but take that FWIW

Chimaeze Okoli (DL) - recruited on DL, and has seen action there; transferred to OL for 2010, where he will try to push for one of the open tackle positions

Drew Astorino (DB) - starter at safety in 2010; is sitting out spring practice to recover from injuries; 62 tackles, two fumble recoveries, one interception in 2009

Ako Poti (OL) - JUCO transfer; senior year in 2009; became starter on much maligned OL in 2009, replacing turnstile; is attempting to revive a MLB career that ended with the Braves and is authoring his second book after the wildly successful "I'm F**king In, You're F**king Out!"

Nerraw McCormack (OL) - JUCO transfer; senior year in 2009; saw some action (who didn't on that OL?); father either founded seafood restaurant with Schmick or is a major player in the spice trade

Two star recruits
Ryan Breen (P) - next in line once Jeremy Boone left, Breen abruptly left the team before this season, leaving the proverbial cupboard bare except for an unopened bottle of Cruzan Mango Rum

Joe Suhey (FB) - gained the first first down on '09 on a pass from DC17 (I know, because I distinctly remember turning to my dad in the stands and saying "Who in the hell thought Joe Suhey would get this year's first first down?"); every single person in his family has played, is playing, or will play football for Joe Paterno, his sister included