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Penn State Recruiting Roundup: The Scout Is Out

So the Scout 300 has been officially released, and the long, arduous process of ranking, evaluating, misevaluating, and re-ranking begins for the 2011 recruiting season. The #1 player at each position will likely change frequently, so trying to keep a tally of the "top players in the country" is something of a difficult endeavor. Instead, we like to keep track of who the staff sees as the best fit for a blue and white uniform.

As previously noted, this year's class will be small, or at least smaller than recent classes. Further instilling fear in some fans is the fact that we have not yet received a verbal commitment. Fortunately, though, the staff is really going after so big name prospects. So in this edition of the Recruiting Roundup, we'll look at the macro-recruiting picture, with just a brief mention of each guy on the list.

The Scout 300. Many recruits have Penn State listed on their "interest" list, but some of those, in reality, have zero intention of playing for the Lions (and some are already committed elsewhere). However, to be thorough, below is the list of players that have PSU on their radar. Some of these players will never make an appearance on the Recruiting Roundup again, so don't be surprised if later posts don't include any updates on guys like Cyrus Kouandjio or Doran Grant. The Scout 300 extends into the three star recruits, but only for the bottom 50 spots. Needless to say, there are many more three star recruits (and probably even some two star and not-yet-rated recruits) that Penn State is recruiting. For purposes of this post, though, here are the recruits on the Scout 300:

No. 7 - MD OT Cyrus Kouandjio
No. 13 - PA TE Ben Koyack
No. 15 - MI LB Lawrence Thomas: already committed to MSU
No. 23 - OH CB Doran Grant
No. 26 - NJ RB Savon Huggins
No. 43 - VA LB Travis Hughes
No. 49 - NY DE Ishaq Williams
No. 67 - CT OT Conor Hanratty
No. 73 - NJ OG Angelo Mangiro
No. 88 - PA RB Jameel Poteat
No. 92 - MD WR Darius Jennings
No. 103 - VA OG Landon Turner
No. 110 - PA LB Michael Caputo
No. 120 - MI OG Anthony Zettel
No. 127 - IN OT Tony Springmann
No. 146 - IN RB Remound Wright
No. 159 - DC DT Kevin McReynolds
No. 170 - CT OT Tommy Jordan
No. 180  - OH S Eilar Hardy
No. 183 - PA CB Kyshoen Jarrett
No. 185 - FL WR Ja'Juan Story
No. 195 - NJ S Sheldon Royster
No. 206 - DC OT Jamar Lewter 
No. 213 - PA CB Terrell Chestnut
No. 221 - MD OT Donovan Smith
No. 224 - NY LB Quentin Gause
No. 225 - NJ WR Tanner McEvoy
No. 227 - GA WR Christian Conley: already committed to UGA
No. 234 - CA DE Dylan Wynn
No. 248 - OH OT Aundrey Walker
No. 251 - NJ CB Miles Shuler
No. 256 - VA WR Quinta Funderburk
No. 259 - VA OT Jay Whitmire
No. 269 - NJ DT Marquise Wright
No. 285 - PA WR Dondi Kirby
No. 290 - PA DE Shawn Oakman
No. 299 - MD DT Darian Cooper

Fun With Maps.

View Penn State Recruiting Map in a larger map


Go ahead and zoom in where you please, although check out the action on US 95.

We will update this throughout the recruiting season, adding star rankings, other interested schools, and maybe even some fancy color coding based on what seems important at the time.  Suggestions directed at Kevin, H.D., are welcome in the comments.

Chestnut and Clemons Visit. Pennsylvanians Terrell Chestnut and Brandon Clemons were on campus this past week. Chestnut is a top notch DB from Pottsgrove while Clemons, from Milford, projects on either side of the line. There have not yet been reports that Clemons left with his coveted offer (Chestnut has an official offer), but, as stated, the Lions are slow playing this year because of the limited 'ships.

PSUJunny's Shamless High School Plug. Quarterback Austin Hancock received a verbal offer from Big Red in January, and has said "I'm pretty sure I would" when asked if he would commit to the Lions upon receiving his official offer. Since the Lions will likely take no more than one QB in this class, they want to make sure they take the right one, and Hancock looks promising. Hancock's high school is PSUJunny's alma mater, the Peters Township Indians. Fellow alumni and other interested parties can read a nice article on Austin by Josh Moyer with Nittany Network here (premium article, subscription required).

Other News That's Fit To Print. As Big Ten teams begin wrapping up their spring practices, coaches are scrambling to make sure the biggest recruits can come to their spring games. Some of PSU's bigger recruiting battles will be against Michigan and Ohio State; UM's game was this past weekend, while that Scarlet and Gray will have their game the same time as PSU's Blue/White game. In sort of a recruiting litmus test, where certain recruits spend next Saturday may tell us, without actually telling us, where they stand on certain schools. The list for the Blue/White game is ever increasing, so stay tuned for an as-full-as-we-can-get list later in the week.