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BSD Roundtable - The Blue-White Game

With the Blue-White game coming up this Saturday, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss it. Tomorrow we will discuss the defense and special teams. For today we turn to the offensive side of the ball. Here's the question:

What will you be watching closely and looking for on offense?

RUTS: The hidden gems that Penn State will be counting on in another year or two.  Guys like running backs Silas Redd and Curtis Dukes, wide receiver Shawney Kersey, and tight end Garry Gilliam.  Don't get upset about the stats after the game if certain players struggle.  It's a constant rotation of players at every position and a three-page playbook.  Just sit back and enjoy stress-free football.

FTG: I'll be looking for chemistry from any combination of quarterback and receiver.  Don't confuse "success" with "chemistry" though.  I'm not so much worried about completed passes or perfect timing at this point as I am with communication and the sense that there's a foundation that's in place for the fall.  Ultimately, I'm just interested to see who works best with who, and who has been able to establish a solid relationship on the field that can be built upon.

Junny: As ironic as it sounds, I'm going to be watching for cohesion on the offensive line. They will be playing musical chairs out there, experimenting with different packages, lines, and personnel, but I want to see who meshes with who. Specifically, I want to be sure of two things, both surrounding Wiz's move: 1) is moving Wiz back the best idea considering he was a very capable center in '09, and 2) will whoever takes over the center duties be capable enough, even with Wiz right next door?

Kevin: I know I’m suppose to say we won’t learn anything about the red-jersey’d quarterbacks in just three hours of watching the same six plays, but to be honest it’s the number one focus for me this weekend.   Can Newsome throw?  Can McGloin escape?  Who’s more comfortable in a pocket that has probably been torn up all spring?

Mike: I'd caution everyone not to read too much into this game when looking at the quarterbacks. The defense will play one basic coverage and they will not be allowed to blitz. I suspect you won't see a single zone-read option play even though that will be the primary weapon in the fall. I think they're going to keep that under wraps until they go to Tuscaloosa. But I'll be watching Newsome to see how his mechanics are coming along. Can he throw the ball with accuracy? Can he run a huddle? Can he take a snap from center? Can he check down when his primary receiver isn't open or does he check out and run? I'm also very curious to see this offensive line. I'm skeptical about Klopacz and Barham coming from relative obscurity to suddenly claim first team spots. What looked like an experiment a month ago carried through the spring. If these guys aren't on the starting line in the fall, this past month will have been a waste in my opinion.