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And So It Begins: BSD Podcast Episode 1.1


Workingman's Photoshop TFJ to: Who Else?

The three of us joined up at The House That Mike Built in the summer of 2008, and we've been emailing each other about starting a podcast every Tuesday since then.  This is the end result of that email chain.

It's Young McGloin, it's Young Newsome, it's the sound of ice rattling as it floats in sweet, sweet brandy.  It probably smells and sounds a lot like Joe Paterno's living room.  It's Season One, Episode One, Part I of the BSD Podcast.


(Update: You can download the mp3 here.)

Oh there's more!  We predictably rambled past the reasonable length of an amateur-produced podcast, and so if you order right now, we'll throw in Part II, where we discuses everything else, which is yours in a couple of days for absolutely nothing!!1!