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BSD-Way More Tech Savvy

In the last few weeks we've been trying to get more tech savvy here at BSD.  First it was podcasts, and now, we're taking the plunge into the realm of social media.

We've had a twitter feed for a while now, and today, we're proud to announce the new BSD Facebook Fan Page.

If you're not into all this new fangled internets, well this probably won't excite you too much, but if you're like either Facebook or Twitter (or both) you're strongly encouraged to add these pages to your profiles on both mediums.  Both are equipped with feeds that will update you on every front page story as well as fan posts and fan shots, and both afford you the opportunity to correspond with fellow BSDers on a little more personal level.

The goal here is to make BSD as accessible as possible to you, the readers, and we think this is a good step forward in that regard. 

We're also, as always, looking to build the BSD community even further than we have, and Facebook and Twitter are great tools for that as well.  If you're a fanshotter/fanposter, even just occasionally, this is an opportunity to have your work reach your friends and family.  And even if you're just a reader and commenter, this is a good way to share a site we hope you enjoy with fellow Penn Staters everywhere.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over and add us and send those suggestions!