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In Which We Steal Material: The BSD Confessional

EDSBS ran it, BHGP copied it, so why can't us? Ours won't be as in-depth as the cats over at EDSBS, but it also won't be as FanPosty as the BHGP fellas. Instead it will be a few brief lines to clear the air. Please nothing too personal, as this remains a family blog.

Our confessions after the jump, your confessions in the comments. Enjoy.

- I have sang and/or whistled all of the following in the shower: "Hail to the Victors", "Notre Dame Fight Song" (Not "We Are ND"), "Rehab", and, on Wednesday mornings, whatever song was played on the previous night's "Glee".
- I used to work as a dishwasher in college at Mario's on Garner (before it was "Beulah's" which may or may not still be there) and I would throw away certain pans if they were too difficult to clean. Sorry, Mr. Zangrilli.
- I skipped multiple "Dark Years" games because of a hangover, boredom, or both.
- I've never once attended a Penn State basketball game, and really have no plans to ever do so.

For The Glory
- I actually really want to play Pitt in football and basketball.  You can give me all the reasons why or why not in the world, and they could all make perfect sense, but at the end of the day, I still have to live with these people.
- I have more faith in the Pittsburgh Pirates than I do Penn State basketball.  For as much optimism as I try to spread about ED, I can't shake the feeling that while Neal Huntington was reading "Moneyball," Ed had the funnies on his desk when Chris Babb came to tell him he was leaving.
- As much as I like Selena Gomez, I like Kelly Clarkson more.

- I secretly love the Iowa Hawkeyes despite the fact that nearly every athletic contest with them turns into a snuff film. Much like us, they're more moonshine than merlot. I'd just like them to cut us a break once in a while, and for Daniel Murray to perhaps die in a humiliating, Darwin Award worthy manner – but I'll settle for "lightly maimed by Jack Crawford after missing a game-tying field goal."
- I like Brent Musberger, okay?  "You are looking live at..." is one of the fantastic broadcast openers in existence, and you can't deny that when he's in town, it's a big game.  I remember the Pam Ward Years of 2000-2004, and I ain't goin' back.

Mike and Kevin are off this week doing apparent real-world stuff, so they will have to confess in the comments.