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Texas To The Big Ten?

Well, now. This is interesting. Apparently today Texas and Texas A&M made a pledge of solidarity, and rumors are starting that the two schools will now apply for membership in the Big Ten.

College Station, Texas, based sources close to Texas A&M confirm the scenario of Texas A&M, Texas and Nebraska joining the Big 10, bringing the total to 14.  This is totally logical when you think about it.  Hence, the "Tech problem", as Texas Tech is attempting (has attempted?) to stand in the way.  Everyone knows UT Austin drives the cattle in conference expansion, and well-heeled alumni have (loudly and repeatedly) let it be known they are not enthralled with going to Corvallis or Pullman for 11 pm EST Saturday night games.  Conversely, and direct quoting: "we love the idea of Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State road games" at their respective 110,000 seat Casas’ Grande.  "We especially like the idea of those fans coming here (Texas) rather than the Baylors and Texas Techs,  because those schools will fill hotel rooms and support local restaurants and businesses.   It simply makes sense for Texas".  He continued, "It will be a bowl game-like atmosphere every Saturday these schools come to town".

Looks like Missouri may be out. What will happen to the PAC-10? This would bring the total count to 14 in the Big Ten. Is Notre Dame out? Can the Big East rest easy tonight?

Hang on, folks. We're riding Space Mountain right now. Who knows which way the next turn goes.