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D-Day Dawns?

Today things get real.

After announcing it yesterday via press release, Colorado officials will stand behind the mics today and tell the world they're taking the plunge into the Pacific Ten conference, casting the first stone in conference realignment.

Simultaneously, the Nebraska Board of Regents will hold a meeting, with conference realignment on the agenda.  While most people have it pegged as a formality on Nebraska's way to joining the Big Ten, some still aren't so sure.  Either way, we should know Nebraska's fate by the time the sun goes down.

Beyond that, it's anyone's guess.  If Nebraska bolts, will the Big XII make it through the day?  If not, will the Texas Block/Big XII South move together to the Pac-10 or scatter to the Big Ten and SEC?  What the hell is TMZ doing reporting on Oklahoma State athletics?

No doubt, today could be the day college sports fans from across the country collectively remember as the beginning of a new era.

Of course there's also chance, and a good one, that nothing happens today, too.  As things like this typically do, the seemingly frantic pace could be exposed as nothing more than a media creation to sell premium content subscriptions.

Either way, we'll keep you posted.  Try not to waste too much time today.