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BSD Readers: It's Time To COMMIT!

The annual Lift for Life event is upon us, and that means just one thing: The Black Shoe Diaries annual tradition of picking an obscure and worthy representative.

Last year SOA was the unknowing selection.  What can we say, looks kill.  This year, though, we're all about the drama.  It's emotion, it's suspense, it's joy.


If  you stuck around for Larry Johnson's appearance at the 2:00 mark, well, you probably laughed, you almost certainly cried, and you may have even learned something about yourself.  But now it's time to talk business.

Evan's goal is $500.  Last year we topped that for SOA.  This year?  Well we're done with Big East Big XII-level giving.  It's time to stop screwing around, folks.

Yeah, so a little photoshopping never hurt anyone.

Both encouragement and shame will be flowing from the staff here until we fill Evan Hailes' donation page with $2,500 worth of BSD BucksBackground on LFL and Uplifting Athletes can be found here.

You've seen the video, now get to work.  You can do this.