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We Are Penn State 2010


Many of you probably noticed I kind of dropped off the BSD radar during the months of March and April. That's because I was working with the fine folks at Maple Street Press on the second edition of We Are Penn State. Now the work is done and I'm pleased to announce that We Are Penn State 2010 is set to hit shelves in mid July.

Just like we do here on BSD, I wanted to include something in this magazine for every Penn State fan. Unlike Phil Steele or Lindy's where you get one or two pages of Penn State coverage, We Are Penn State 2010 gives you 128 pages of Penn State coverage completely advertising free. Whether you are a freshman enrolling this fall or your name is Old Man Euler, this magazine has something for you. Here is a rundown of what we included in the magazine this year.

  • Just like last year, yours truly will break down every position on the field to identify the veterans and newcomers to watch.
  • Our own Junny breaks down each opponent in detail to tell you what Penn State is up against this fall.
  • A full list of stats, rosters, and schedules.
  • Our own RUTS recaps the ups and downs of the 2009 season.
  • Tim from Linebacker-U tells you which five players are poised to have breakout seasons.
  • Sean FItz from Blue-White Illustrated breaks down the freshman class.
  • Dave from Maize n Brew discusses Big Ten expansion and the addition of Nebraska to the Big Ten.
  • Mike from Linebacker-U fills you in in Penn State's recruiting efforts for the class of 2011.
  • Ben from Victory Bell Rings shows you what life is like in Paternoville from the inside.
  • For you fans who like to travel, we assembled a group of bloggers to put together a travel guide for all of Penn State's road destinations this year.
  • For fans who like to follow Penn State players as they advance their careers in the NFL, Tim from Linebacker-U recaps the NFL draft.
  • BSD reader and high school football coach extraordinaire carolinaeasy tells you why the Cover-3 defense can be so maddening and yet so effective at the same time.
  • KevinHD takes a look at Jay Paterno and how his image has changed from nepotistic nincompoop to that of a respectable offensive football coach.
  • Chris Brown from Smart Football, Yahoo! Sports, and the New York Times analyses the Spread HD offense in amazing detail.
  • RUTS contributes another article looking back on the best Penn State players of the past decade.
  • Since Penn State will have a rare opportunity to play against the reigning Heisman Trophy winner this fall, Junny looks back at Penn State's history against past Heisman winners.
  • Yours truly recaps the storied rivalry with Alabama.
  • BSD contributor FTG1855 discusses the legacy of Daryll Clark.
  • BSD reader and back yard griller extraordinaire jesse recaps the greatest ten moments of the decade.
  • And finally, I take a look at Evan Royster who is about to set the all time school rushing record and contemplate where he belongs on the list of the greatest Penn State running backs of all time.

That is a ton of information, folks. I, along with everyone else who contributed to this publication gave up a lot of weekends and personal time to put this together, but I'm thrilled with the way things turned out this year. Not only do you learn everything you need to know for the 2010 season, but sections like the Coach's Corner and Penn State History will make you want to keep this magazine so you can pull it out and read it ten years from now. If you are balking at the $12.99 cover price, keep in mind this is 128 pages of Penn State coverage with no advertisements. You are not going to get another Penn State preseason football magazine like this anywhere else.

We Are Penn State 2010 is due to hit bookshelves in mid July. You should be able to find it in Pennsylvania at your local bookstore, grocery store, drug store, Target, Walmart, or anywhere magazines are sold. If you live outside of Pennsylvania, you can go to the Maple Street Press website and order your copy here to have it shipped right to your house.

I'd like to thank everyone at Maple Street Press and all the writers that contributed to helping me put together this great publication. And thanks to RUTS, Kevin, Junny, and For The Glory 1855 for helping keep BSD operational while I was working this. I could not have put this together without the help and support of my friends and family. You guys rock!