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Nitt Picks Is Double-Absorbent

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In last year's edition of We Are Penn State, I pointed out that Royster had a good chance of becoming Penn State's all-time leading rusher. At the time he needed almost 1700 yards, but it was doable. Barring injury, Royster will surely pass it this year as he only needs 480 yards to reach Curt Warner's mark, a record that has stood for 28 years. In this year's edition of We Are Penn State 2010, I explored Roysters place in history among the greatest Penn State running backs of all-time. This weekend the Altoona Mirror did the same, and pointed out that Royster has been putting on weight this summer in anticipation of carrying a heavier load in the offense.

Royster has spent the offseason bulking up to prepare himself to carry more of a load this fall. He put on about 12 pounds -- he's up to 225 -- and figures to be around 218 when the season starts.

"I think it was good for me to add it for now, just to try and build up a little bit and get a little stronger," Royster said Friday at Lift for Life. "I'd like to trim down and get a little more tone [to get] ready for the season."

We'll see if the added weight affects his speed.

The Mirror also discussed Royster's backup, Stephfon Green, who is patiently waiting his turn.

He will be counted on for a lot more production this season as the Nittany Lions try to find some offensive consistency with a young quarterback. He'll back up Evan Royster but should see his carries increase as long as he's healthy and productive.

"Royster is a better athlete right now," Green said. "I'm working to try and either be on his level or above his level, and I just have to wait my turn. Patience is a virtue, and it's something I'm going to have to learn to accept and just wait my turn."

I have heard observations from multiple people who attended the Lift For Life who said Green looks fantastic, while Royster was really struggling to get through it. It should be noted that they didn't work Royster hard in the spring, and he was allowed to go home in June to work out on his own as Paterno often allows his seniors who have proven themselves to do. The season is two months away, Mr. Royster. Time to get serious about it.


Speaking of Stephfon Green, running fast isn't the only thing he's apparently good at. According to Devon Still, he also changes a mean diaper.
Penn State defensive tackle Devon Still


There are also some good updates in the video on Still's health and progress. Penn State is depending on him to fill in for the departed Jared Odrick this year.

Hey, have you heard that Penn State still doesn't know who the quarterback is going to be? I'll tell you one thing though, Matt McGloin wants it bad.

With the durable and punishing Evan Royster returning at running back, McGloin said the quarterback is going to need to be a guy who can make the plays with an opposing defense stacked inside the box, eight men unfocused on the passing game and intent on stuffing the run.

It's a position offenses generally want to avoid. It's also one McGloin relishes.

"I don't understand who wouldn't want to be in that position, where they're bringing eight men into the box, and you have to go ahead and throw it," McGloin said. "Obviously, I'm a quarterback. I want to throw it."

Against all odds, he's got a chance to do more than most ever figured he could in a Penn State uniform this fall.

And for all you fat, old guys counting your carbs and working your tail off on the tread mill every day to hold onto that last hole in your belt that's already stretched half a centimeter further than the day you bought it, read this from Derek Moye in the previously linked article and groan like I did.

At last year's Lift For Life event, reporters surrounded rail-thin receiver Derek Moye, asking how exactly he planned to add weight and strength.

This year, it was the same deal.

"I was 200 here last year," Moye laughed. "I'm 204 this year. I eat, eat, eat. And I just can't put on weight."

I remember those days. I was a buck-fifty when I graduated high school. I used to eat and eat and eat to try to get up to 185 lbs so people didn't mistake me for a flag pole anymore. One day I finally hit that mark, and kept right on going. What I wouldn't give to be 185 lbs again. Heck, at this point I'd take 210 lbs if I could get it. Enjoy it now, Mr. Moye.

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