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Curtis Drake and Taran Buie Cited For A Fight

This is probably not a big deal, but Curtis Drake and Taran Buie got in a fight at McDonalds.

Two Penn State athletes have been cited by State College police for fighting in front of McDonald's on East College Avenue.

Basketball recruit Taran Buie, 18, and rising football sophomore Curtis Drake, 19, were reportedly throwing punches and shoving around 1:21 a.m. Sunday in the 400 block of East College Avenue when State College police arrived.

Both were given a summary disorderly conduct citation, which carries a $443 fine.

 Boys will be boys. There is no mention of alcohol being involved which is good since Drake and Buie are both underage. Nobody was curb stomped to a bloody pulp and sent to the hospital. Anthony Scirrotto wasn't there to round up a posse, so I don't think this will lead to anything significant.

Ten bucks says there was a girl involved.

UPDATE: As the story trickles out, it appears Drake and Buie were just "horsing around" with each other. A police cruiser happened to be driving by and thought they were fighting. Probably an overreaction by the police, but they surely have little tolerance for this kind of stuff on Arts Fest weekend.