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We Regret The Error

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The following is a special message from Jeff Nelson, Penn State Sports Information Director.

Dear Penn State Fans,

My name is Jeff Nelson, and I am the Sports Information Director for Penn State football. I hope this letter finds you well. I'm sure we are all looking forward to another exciting season of Penn State football.

By now many of you have received your season tickets in the mail. I'm sure you were as shocked as I was when I opened them up for the first time and saw this.

I'm sure you were all as shocked as I was to see Temple labeled as a Whitehouse game. Usually the Whitehouse game is reserved for a tough opponent in a prime time setting. Earlier this year it was decided that there would be no Whitehouse game in 2010 due to feeling that none of the home games warranted such attention. I won't go into the details of what happened, but what you see on your tickets is a misprint. We encourage fans to still attend the game and wear white if you choose, but those arriving at the stadium wearing non-white clothing will still be admitted. We regret the error.

While I'm at it, we have a few other issues I would like to address.

We mistakenly assigned everyone to section EE on their tickets. Obviously, this is a mistake as section EE is right on the 50 yard line where seats are at a premium. In fact, all but three of the seats in section EE have been in the possession of a gentleman named Ray Euler for 40 years. Fans should contact Tim Curley at 1-800-MY-MONEY to get their seat assignments straightened out. They will be happy to get you situated after you pay the $100 seat assignment change fee. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Also, the price on your ticket, and the application you filled out to apply for tickets, was another misprint. The actual price is $75 per seat. Please make a check out directly to Tim Curley and mail it in to our Lasch Building offices. Or you can just send cash. That always works. Just make sure you put a stamp on it. Envelopes marked "Postage Due" will not be accepted. Again, we apologize.

In your 2010 season ticket application we mistakenly included Indiana as a home game. Even though the game will be held at FedEx Field in Landover, MD and 95% of the stadium will be cheering for Penn State, it turns out this is actually a home game for Indiana. Who knew? We apologize for our mistake. Unfortunately, those of you who paid an additional $55 will not have a ticket to the game. Penn State Athletics thanks you for your donation.

Speaking about tickets and seat assignments, we're getting a lot of phone calls here in Lasch Building from people with questions about the new STEP program. So many, in fact, that our phone systems are overloaded. If you have a question, please write it down on a twenty dollar bill and send it to us. Mark the envelope "Attn: Tim Curley". Again, use postage.

Thank you once again for supporting Penn State football. I look forward to seeing you all this fall as we cheer on our Nittany Lions.

Yours Truly,

Jeff Nelson
Penn State Sports Information Director