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Ain't No Party Like An SEC Party

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For a college football blogger, this has been the greatest offseason of all time. Big Ten expansion powered us through June. Then there was the USC scandal. And now the golden offseason is the gift that just keeps on giving. I'm talking, of course, of the growing story people are starting to call "Agentgate". Yesterday, the University of Georgia was the latest institution to be informed the NCAA was going to be stopping by for dinner to ask some questions.

ATLANTA -- Georgia associate athletic director Claude Felton says the NCAA has requested permission to conduct an inquiry on campus.

Felton said Georgia officials assured the NCAA it will receive full cooperation. He said the NCAA has asked that athletic association officials, coaches and student-athletes decline comment until the inquiry is completed.

Felton said the notification from the NCAA came late Wednesday afternoon. He told The Associated Press the instructions from the NCAA prevent him from disclosing any details about the reason for the inquiry. is reporting that the Georgia player in question is wide receiver A.J. Green. Green was the Bulldogs leading receiver in 2009 with 53 catches for 808 yards and 6 TD. He is only a junior.

So let's get up to speed where we are at this point. This all started last week when the NCAA had some questions about the twitter account of Marvin Austin, a star defensive lineman at North Carolina. In particular, they were curious about a party that Austin attended in Miami along with fellow UNC player Greg Little.

The NCAA had a little sitdown with Austin, and from there their investigation moved on to South Carolina where they wanted to talk to tight end Weslye Saunders. From there they moved to Alabama to talk to junior defensive lineman Marcell Dareus  Which brings us to Georgia and A.J. Green.

Unrelated to all of this is a separate NCAA investigation into former Florida offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey who allegedly accepted $100,000 in cash from an agent prior to the Gators' bowl game last season.

And folks, there's reason to believe this is not the end of it. As Exhibit A, a commenter on MGoBlog has this to say.

Yeah, I guess this party was huge. I was talking to a buddy of mine (bama fan) and the first thing he said to me was "we are so screwed". From what he has heard and read it involved 10 SEC teams and 40 total players. Now I'd imagine most of them are projected starters for their respective teams, that's going to hurt. The only schools I've heard that didn't have a player at the party are Vandy and Miss St.

I imagine every SEC coach is interviewing all of their players and SEC athletic directors are not sleeping well at night. Until all of the dominoes fall, a lot of people are going to be sweating bullets over this one.

Can we just knock the entire SEC down to 70 scholarships and ban them from the post season for two years?