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EA Sports NCAA Football Promotion

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The long hot days of summer are torture for hardcore college football fans. We sift through every article and visit every blog and message board looking for people like us. People who long for the start of the season and just want to be around other college football fans to talk about the game they love.

Throughout the offseason there are little dates here and there that people look forward to. There is the spring game. There are preseason magazines like Phil Steele and We Are Penn State. And then there is the special day when EA Sports releases their latest version of NCAA Football.

With two preschool kids at home, I don't get to play video games as much as I used to. But when I did, EA Sports NCAA Football was always the only game I played from July through December. There was something special about firing up the game for the first time seeing those majestic stadiums and those pristine uniforms. It was like reading a preseason magazine where the players came to life.

EA Sports will be releasing their newest version of NCAA Football next Tuesday, July 13. To help them promote it, the SBNation college blogs have partnered with EA Sports to give you a series of posts. Yes, it's a commercial, and that's something I'm usually not fond of doing, but I think you will like these posts. In each of them I'll be sharing a bit about myself as well as my thoughts on Penn State. In each post we ask you to play along and share your thoughts and memories as well.

The first post will run today in about a half hour. Then there will be a post each day (minus the weekend) leading up to the release day on Tuesday, July 13. So enjoy.