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Nitt Picks Goes Recruitin', Anxiously Awaits Drop Of Sean Henderson's Rap Album

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2011 Class Doubles. Shawn Oakman joined Kyle Carter as the charter members of the PSU Class of 2011, news that helped ease many Lion faithful back from the edge. You'd think a new reporting out of Philadelphia, apparently with a large PSU contingent, would be able to find a better picture of Oakman to use in the story. Carter, meanwhile, is a pretty cool guy. Two down, ten or so to go.

Individual updates after the jump, including the long awaited debut of Papa Sean's album, potentially set in South Beach...

Darian Cooper Likes Anime, OK With Self. Darian Cooper from Dematha in Hyattsville, MDis seen as one of the more likely PSU recruits to ring a siren in the near future, The 6'1", 295 lb. defensive tackle is being recruited by and would play under LJSr., a dream for any defensive lineman. The chances of eventually seeing Cooper in blue and white are pretty good, though with the way this recruiting season is going, I'm not making any predictions.

Cooper's teammate Cyrus Kouandjio is receiving much more recruiting attention, as Kouandjio is widely seen as the #1 offensive lineman recruit (PSU is recruiting Kouandjio as well, but the chances are slim to land him), but Cooper is turning heads as well, hearing from many other schools, including Michigan and Wisky. Finally, Cooper fits the PSU mold:

He also is reportedly a standout student, as well. He hopes to study business law or history in college, though psychology or sports medicine could get a look, too.

Dominique Noble = Next Josh Hull (the good version). First, Noble is a DB and Hull is an LB. Second, Noble is African-American while Hull is Mustache-American. However, Hull, according to Frank Bodani's excellent article (the first eight "paragraphs" are single sentences), was the last player to major in an engineering field, and Noble intends to seriously consider nuclear engineering for his field of study.

So while we may be slow in recruiting this year, at least we're recruiting some players with serious educational aspirations, and not...

The Curious Case of Seantrel Henderson. After a Pryor-like delay in committing, 2010's last minute drama surrounded Seantrel Henderson, who spurned Ohio State and his hometown Golden Gophers and selected USC as his school. However, with freshmen recently reporting to USC summer camps, Henderson was a no-show, and Ol' Laney has had to "basically re-recruit" the mammoth offensive lineman. Henderson is reportedly back on the market, with the Buckeyes and Miami the favorites to land his prima donna services. More importantly, OGs Tressel and Randy Shannon must find ways to placate the uber-talented father of Seantrel, Sean Henderson, an aspiring rapper.

Huggins Names Top Ten. One of the premier running back recruits this year, Huggins has more than 60 offers. Recently he pared that list down to ten, with the Nittany Lions making the cut. We are literally putting all of our RB efforts into Huggins, and landing him would be nice. However, with the stable we have, and with the future looking bright with Thunder and Lightning, I wouldn't be too concerned if we swing and miss on this.

In Scores of Non-Recruiting Games. KNew is holding onto the starting QB job (I wasn't aware he had been awarded it), but has "little margin for error"...Obligatory Damon Evans mention...GameDay is likely coming to Tuscaloosa (per JayPa tweeting a discussion with Lee Corso at a NASCAR event, not exactly a definitive GameDay decision) for the Bama-PSU game, and some Bama fans are concerned, considering historical trends (though the data are bad for both Bama and PSU).