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Taran Buie Not Helping Things

When Taran Buie and the since injured Curtis Drake were busted for horsing around at the State College McDonald's during Arts Fest, most people wrote it off as exactly what it was: no biggie. 

With another citation inside a month, though, this time for underage drinking, it's looking like Buie's behavior is becoming a bit of a problem.

Not only that, but as Ben at Victory Bell Rings talks about, Buie has been involved in suspicious activity on Facebook, which in and of itself isn't a big deal, but...

While Facebook and violations aren’t important in the grand scheme of things, the point remains the same. Buie is maintaining some sort of relationships with coaches outside of Penn State, and outside of the Big Ten. If Buie continues to have legal issues that will certainly rub the DeChellis philosophy the wrong way. Less playing time for a player that talented and actions directly opposite of the programs philosophy is the recipe for transfer.

I don't like to be an alarmist, but right now Buie isn't acting like a player who intends to make a career out of playing at Penn State.

With all the negative headlines this program has had since Buie became its most hyped basketball recruit in years, you'd think Buie would know better, or care enough to make sure he didn't become involved in any more, yet here we are, a little less than three months from his first game in Blue and White and he's already giving skeptics a lot to  question.

I'm not saying I think Buie is headed out when his brother Talor Battle graduates after the season. I am saying that anyone who has doubted his commitment, and more importantly Ed DeChellis's control of the program, has to think they're looking pretty smart right now.

It's time for Taran to grow up. The spotlight is going to be on him and what he can add to the team this season, but the more he gets into questionable situations, people are going to continue whispering about what he can take away.