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Highlights Of Penn State Media Day

Below we looked at Joe Paterno's comments from yesterday's press conference. Now, we take a look at some of the highlights from's live media day stream and some notable moments with other Penn State coaches and players.

Jay Paterno

  • Quarterbacks are currently in the process of adding to the base packages.
  • Biggest adjustment for young quarterbacks is to the speed of the game, picking up protections, etc.
  • On father's nomination for Presidential Medal of Freedom: "It's certainly something that reflects not just on him but my mom as well and all the things and all the people that have coached with him and played for him, but also a lot of the things he's done off the field and the values he has, and I think that's what it's more about than winning a certain number of games or being a certain number of bowls or All-Americans.  I think him being nominated was about more than just football.

Tom Bradley

  • Had good things to say about Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau and his induction to the Hall of Fame.
  • On stopping Terrelle Pryor: "He's a tough guy to handle. I think the biggest deception most people don't realize--he's 6'6" 240 and whatever pounds now--but he doesn't look like he's running as fast as he really is.  Your angles change.  You've gotta keep him on your shoulder, you gotta keep him condensed. You cannot let him get outside that pocket. He's big and strong too, so you know when you try to tackle him he's got a great stiff arm. You don't see that in a lot of quarterbacks, the way he throws that big long arm out, and you've gotta practice a little bit against that."

Evan Royster

  • On the importance of vision: "I honestly say it's the most important thing, not just in the running game but being able to see the blitzes and be able to pick them up. It's the one thing you need to become an all-around back."
  • Said the speed of lacrosse has helped him a lot in absorbing the speed of college football.
  • Has gotten bigger in the off season in preparation for taking on a bigger load.
  • Spoke about the importance of the team, especially the offensive line coming together.


Kermit Buggs

  • Pointed to Andrew Dailey, Stephen Obeng-Agyapong, Malcolm Willis and walk-on Jake Fagnano as young guys who've stepped up at safety behind Drew Astorino and Nick Sukay.
  • Talked about the importance of tackling in the secondary, and said that's one of the biggest things the safties are working on.
  • Spoke about Drew Astorino as a "fiery guy" and one of the leaders on the defense.
  • Said kickoff coverage is his responsibility. 

Mike McQueary

  • Expects the veteran wide receivers to provide some leadership for the young quarterbacks, helping out on and off the practice field.
  • Worked with some of the wide receivers on route running by hitting fly balls at a pizza party one day. Pointed to Joe Jurevicius and Bobby Engram, two former centerfielders, as examples of how playing in the outfield can help a wide receiver.
  • On tight end: "Gary Gilliam has come to the forefront...The other guy who can kinda fit in that role is Brett Brackett, who's 245 pounds. He has the ability to move around and get in a three-point and get in a flex tight end position and do some things for us."

Ollie Ogbu

  • Talked about his growing leadership role and the stress Larry Johnson has been putting on takeoffs on the defensive lines.

Graham Zug

  • Spoke on the importance of being able to work with all four of the potential quarterbacks seamlessly.
  • On sibling rivalry with sister, who plays field hockey for Penn State: "We kind of have our own little competition going on where we see who can perform the best of every day we have a game the same day. We're real supportive of each other"

Brett "Brent" Brackett

  • Talked a lot about his work with Lift For Life as president of the organization the last three years.

Stephon Morris and D'Anton Lynn

  • Morris on media day: "A lot of questions about my neck. It's kinda getting annoying."
  • Morris said the secondary and the defense in general is communicating better.
  • Lynn talked about his high school career and some of the big crowds it played in front of.
  • Both players talked about the importance of good tackling in the secondary.

Devon Still

  • On takeoffs: "As a defensive lineman, your assignment is just to make havoc in the backfield, and that's all I want to do."
  • Still pointed to Ogbu as a guy who's taken a leadership role on the defensive line.

Ron Vanderlinden

  • Said that Mike Mauti is playing "better than ever" coming off his injury last season.