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Nitt Picks Is Calm And Confident

None of the quarterbacks made it on camera for the live media day stream, but Adam Rittenberg of's Big Ten blog did get a phone call in to Matt McGloin and Kevin Newsome.

McGloin told Rittenberg he thinks he's leadership qualities could give him an edge in the quarterback competition.

McGloin: "My leadership. It has grown as a quarterback. I'm trying to be very vocal and very confident toward the other players, and encouraging as well. My confidence is something that rubs off on the other players. In the huddle, I'm able to see that they feel exactly as calm and confident as I do, and we're able to just relax and play the game and play to our fullest potential."

He's also confident the offense won't change much with whoever the new quarterback ends up being.

"You really can't replace a guy like Daryll, he's a great leader for us," McGloin said, "but to be honest, I don't really see the offense changing too much. Evan Royster's going to be Evan Royster, and I think our strong point this year is going to be our wideouts. We have great depth at wideout, and I don't think anybody in the Big Ten is going to match it."

Taran Buie Underage

More details are coming out about basketball recruit Taran Buie's underage drinking citation, and they aren't exactly pretty.

Akinade then identified Buie -- who was still in the area near Atherton Hall -- as the individual who jumped him, police said.

Buie had a fresh cut on his face and smelled strongly of alcohol, police said.

But Buie denied any involvement in the fight with Akinade, police said.

Both men "reeked" of alcohol and both were cited for underage drinking, police said.

Who knows whether Buie actually jumped the guy, but clearly he was out making trouble, not just sitting in his dorm room chillin' with his pals.

If little things like this keep piling up, Ed Dechellis might have a real problem on his hands in weighing discipline against not ruffling Buie's feathers too much.

Mike Hull at Safety

Though Mike Hull has been tabbed by many as one of the next great Penn State linebackers, don't be surprised if he sees time at other spots on the defense.

Hull, from Canon-McMillan High School, was recruited as a linebacker. In fact, he was rated the No. 1 middle linebacker in the country by

But Hull spent his first eight practices of his collegiate career working at strong safety before being moved to linebacker Thursday.

"We just thought we would look at him at safety because he's so fast and so quick and [coach] Joe [Paterno] likes the idea of having a big, physical safety," linebackers coach Ron Vanderlinden said at the Nittany Lions' annual media day.

"Right now, he's still a little bit undersized at 205, 206 pounds, but he runs extremely well and he's got the ability to play outside."

Maybe if Hull had been playing safety this night, Canon-Mac might have won the Great Southern Conference.  Just sayin'.

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