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ESPN Names Evan Royster Top Heisman Candidate

While he's been flagrantly disregarded as a Heisman candidate in some circles, it seems Evan Royster has gained a degree of respect in at least one national writer's mind.'s Ivan Maisel recently ranked Royster sixth on his list of potential candidates, ahead of names like Arkansas's Ryan Mallett, Pittsburgh's Dion Lewis, Stanford's Andrew Luck, and Iowa's patriot Ricky Stanzi.

6. Evan Royster, Penn State: A veteran line and a young quarterback translate into a lot of responsibility -- and opportunity -- for this senior running back.

Short, sweet, and to the point, that point being that Royster is going to have every chance to run himself into the Heisman discussion in 2010 as Penn State breaks in a new quarterback.

Realistically, Royster is probably going to have to put up eye popping numbers to be a serious part of the equation unless his team manages to fight its way into the national championship race, but most fans would probably settle for their potentially record breaking back being invited to New York.