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Nitt Links

Without a doubt football is the front of all of our minds, that being said Nitt Links is going to try and keep you in touch with the rest of the athletic program. Don't worry, you'll get a full helping of previews and reviews, we're just not going to forget the rest of the teams out there playing.

Since a lot of you have asked for some organization and flair we're going to give it to you. First 3 articles will be hot topic items. If you only have time to read 3 things, read those ones. Sorry if we don't always agree about whats important, but I'm not posting any videos of girls eating bacon off each other. After that anything goes, not saying the rest of the links will be bad, but you wanted organization. So here you go, don't forget to check out whats after the jump.

Hot Topic:

Lions247: Offensive review (8/18)

Read it, before you have to pay for it.

Penn State: Linemen don't have to look far for support

His life finds greatest peak in Happy Valley | The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Great article about Bani Gbadyu's. Reminds me a lot of Tamba Hali's story. I had a class with Bani, and he's a very well spoken guy. One of those storylines that makes you root for a guy harder.

---The Best Of The Rest---

National University Team roster announced | North American Hockey League Full roster here.

I know I know, it's only hockey. Lets be real though, how many articles are we going to read that say what Lions247 has said? I imagine a lot. I mean look at this website. Too hard to click "Rotate 90*"? All it takes is one guy reporting premium content for free and the worlds journalistic integrity goes out the window.Sigh

Recruiting Update 8/18/10

Lions overshadowed by Paterno’s story - Sports | Centre Daily Times

Heads up: Only read this If you can get through the writing style of "a new paragraph after every sentence"

Jared Odrick's Starting Chances--ESPN $$

Sorry for the paying link, but if you've got ESPN Insider there you go.

---Twitter Bites---

Blue Band Is Working Out

Trey Burke Adds Another School To His Offer List

*Edit He's down to his final 2 schools, according to this report. Penn State has been out of the mix for a while but those of us following the team have been interested in where he'd end up after backing out of his commitment.

---Everything Else---

'Unstoppable' - Official Trailer

A little while back some of you may have seen Denzel Washington at the BJC for a basketball game. Despite my wishes for a famous fan of the program waiting to make Glory Road Pt.2 he was only there to see his son play. Why was he already in State College you might ask? He was filming this movie just outside of town.