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Astorino Injured - Baublitz to Redshirt

According to the Patriot-News, Drew Astorino had to sit out practice with a shoulder injury today.

The Patriot-News has learned starting strong safety Drew Astorino is dealing with a shoulder injury, one that prevented him from practicing Thursday. Astorino, a redshirt junior, had surgery on his left shoulder in January.

It's not clear at this time if Astorino injured the same shoulder he had to have surgery on in January. There is also no news on the severity of the injury or how long he will be out. Add this on top of the minor injuries to Stephon Morris, D'Anton Lynn, and Derrick Thomas, and it might be time to start getting a little worried about the secondary.

Should the injury force Astorino to the sideline for an extended period of time, Andrew Dailey is your man at safety to replace him. Chaz Powell may also get a look if the staff feels comfortable with Derrick Thomas at nickel.

Also reported by the Patriot-News is that freshman defensive end/linebacker Kyle Baublitz will redshirt this season. Baublitz enrolled early in January, but there have been reports that he probably would have been ruled academically ineligible this fall anyway. (Ed.- My mistake. I have not seen reports that Baublitz was struggling with grades. I mistaked him with Dakota Royer who is having issues.)