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Big Ten Media Days Recap - Day One

I did a lot of traveling today, and tomorrow isn't looking much better, so sorry if these media day updates aren't exactly timely. Here are some of the highlights from day one.

To nobody's surprise, except for maybe 2009 Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year John Clay, Terrelle Pryor has once again taken home the preseason Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year. Eleven Warriors did the preemptive "watch Penn State fans whine about this" post, but c'mon. The guy didn't even make second team All-Big Ten in 2009. The coaches didn't even give him honorable mention. I guess John Clay is chopped liver or something. All he did was, you know, win Big Ten offensive player of the year last year. At what point is Terrelle Pryor going to live up to his hype and actually, like, win something on the field? And no, beating Oregon in the Rose Bowl does not count.

And no surprise here, but Penn State was not picked to finish in the top three of the Big Ten this year. These preseason awards are pretty silly, but they make good bulletin board material for the players. Nobody picked Penn State to finish in the top three in 2005 or 2008 either.

Here is the video of Joe's press conference. 

Nothing really earth shattering there. As usual, nobody wanted to ask Joe about the team this year. They just wanted to ask about his health, age, and how long he's going to coach. How come nobody asked Ron Zook how he relates to kids 30 years younger than him? Only Joe gets these silly questions.

But Paterno handled it all with his usual grumpiness mixed with a little charm. For those of you at work, you can read the transcript here. But you really don't get the same effect with the laughter coming from the PSU beat writers at all of the wasted questions.

David Jones was there, and he thinks Joe does not look very good these days. There may be some truth to that. He seems like his speech is a little bit more slurred than usual. But then the guy is almost 85 years old now. From my experience with people that age, there are good days and bad days. Maybe things are worse than Joe lets on, but he thinks he can still coach. Who are we to question that? Go for it, dude.