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Hows it going BSD-ers? It's Friday, and football is getting close. Depending on who you are that either means we're closer to something special, or closer to something between an arm-punt and any given 3rd down play in the rain against Iowa.

But I digress, as your general chief of intelligence we've got a mixed bag today. The biggest news is probably what you've already heard- Drew Astorino messing up his shoulder for the 100th time. I personally believe he's just trying to see if he can break Jamelle Cornley's record of random shoulder issues, but for our sake I hope not. Anyway, lets get it going.

---Hot Topics---

Big Ten position rankings: Offensive line - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

PSU: No room for Pitt on schedule - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Tim Curley said Wednesday that Big Ten expansion and a limited number of open dates for non-conference games will make it difficult to restart the Pitt/PSU football series through the 2021 season. What he means is Pitt sucks and doesn't have fans that aren't 4-legged-yellow-colored-chairs. I'm just saying.

Bradley loyal to Penn State - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Tom Bradley is considered the favorite to replace Joe Paterno as head coach whenever the job becomes open." Hey surprise!

---Best Of The Rest---

Competition fierce for Linebacker spots - Penn State Football | Centre Daily Times

So Penn State has a lot of good linebackers?  Wow.

Matt McGloin should be starting PSU quarterback |

There is a reason why this didn't make it to the top of the page. But hey, it's not the Bleacher Report.

AHHHH we aren't recruiting!!!

That isn't the real title of the article, but it's the point of it..

---Twitter Bites---

Robert Bolden likes Capt Crunch, so does Mike Wallace


Sorry this one is so short (insert joke here) I'm moving into my apartment as I write this. I just ran into my new neighbors carrying 5 cases of Natty Lite, pray for me.