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Nitt Links--Weekend Edition

Whats up folks? Students are moving in, my neighbors finished their cases of Natty Lite (without my help thank God) and now we just sit and wait for the longest two weeks of the year. Earth shattering news doesn't happen everyday, and it's the weekend so we're going to have some fun. Make sure to check out after the jump, that part was the most fun to put together.

---Hot Topics---

How well do you know your Penn State football?

Take the quiz, send it in to the CDT, and someday they'll print the answers to the questions next to whichever AP article they copy-pasted into that days paper. Apparently they're giving a prize to the people who get the most questions correct. They also seem to think nobody in Center County has a dial-up connection and access to the Internet and the technical skill to use google. I'm not going to hate on Jeff Rice though, he's one of the few good Penn State writers.

Penn State stops WVU 2-1 in OT

Penn State women's soccer doesn't get enough credit, they beat everybody in the Big Ten year in and year out and do it at a high level. For as successful as Penn State's athletic program is it seems like it's impossible to grab the attention of the university. They've started the whole Code Blue promotion for big games,which is a nice step forward though. For those of you who don't know what that is-The university runs an ad in the Collegian when a team has a big game and they hand out blue shirts to people who go there.

It's a step in the right direction but you can still tell Curley and Co are going "Football Football Football....Ed DeChellis?...Football...and oh btw those sports too"

I'm sure that will get you talking.

PSU receivers must do more than catch

9 out of 10 doctors recommend: running after the catch, blocking downfield, and running the right route. Side effects include: Winning, breaking records, and less arm punting.

---Best Of The Rest---

Keep "The Game" At The End Of The Season

If you haven't heard O$U and UM may end up in opposite divisions when the Big Ten splits. The problem that creates is the possibility of Ohio State and Michigan no longer playing each other in the last game of the "regular season" As you can see in the link above Michigan fans want their athletic director to change his stance on the subject (he supports the idea.)

"I wanna play Ohio State, but only in November, September is toooo soon"

So ok Michigan, while we ignore the fact your coach hasn't done....anything in the past few years, you guys can sign online forms to get your annual loss at the end of the season rather than the beginning. Whatever makes you folks happy.

In light of all of this I've created this...Gift To Canada... click and take part in your American duty.


ESPN Peeks At PSU Practice

"ESPN's Adam Rittenberg had a rare peek at a Penn State practice and took notes for the rest of us"That's what StateCollege.Com said. I clicked it expecting yet another report of something Lions247 posted. But no, Adam Rittenberg was writing to us what he saw while watching his TV. (Given the issues with BTN's coverage map I understand the utility behind such a post..but you know..)

I've had the chance to review the Big Ten Network's preseason tour stop at Penn State, which featured snippets from Joe Paterno's normally top-secret practices. you watched the same thing I did. That being said maybe you saw something I didn't. I like you Adam, tell me your thoughts...

Quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno told the BTN crew that limiting turnovers and managing the game will be the top priorities early on for Penn State's quarterback.

Ok, good to know. Jay is planning on teaching the quarterback to limit interceptions and being a leader. I've had my moments of doubt, but I've always been sure Jay knew what games he was coaching.


Got to go buy my $7000 worth of textbooks. Catch you guys soon.