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It's almost here, in less than 14 days you'll have spent four quarters quarterbacking from your seat, couch, local bar, soup kitchen, or cardboard box. You'll have heard the sounds of Beaver Stadium, smelled the sent of overcooked BBQ, and will have eaten more than you'd really like to have admitted. It's ok though, because I've left the best part out. In less than 14 days, Penn State football will have started the 2010 season.

I'm not sure how I can top that sort of speech, lets get to it.

--Hot Topics--

Offensive numbers held in check for Alabama's second scrimmage |
If you didn't read about it, the first scrimmage Bama's offense ran all over their "highly-God-like-defense" and racked up 450+ yards of offense. Since then, as you might imagine they've gotten better. It isn't really a sign of anything other than their defense went from sucking a lot, to playing well enough.

I'm really under the belief that it doesn't matter who you are, you can't return 2 defensive starters and expect to be playing at your highest level in week 2. I'll be the first to admit it won't be easy, but I really believe we have a better chance than most people think we do. We'll leave that for another day.

Penn State: Defense takes on offensive mindset

Penn State lost a lot of names on the national level. No reason these guys can't be the next ones. If there was one thing to take away from the Big Ten Networks show on Penn State, it was how big, fast, and strong the defense looked. There are about 5-6 guys on the defensive side of the ball that could give any offense some real issues.

Royster's importance magnified for Penn State - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

I'll always love Royster. He sits back and takes a heavy load without ever really getting his due credit. He's never been a flashy back, but he gets the job done. I for one want to see him have a great year so he can really earn the position in Penn State history. He'll have the records, but a very strong season this year could cement him in fan's memories the way the big names like Johnson and Ki-Jana Carter are.

---Best Of The Rest---

Frank Bodani: A Penn State quarterback battle like no other - The York Daily Record

Look, I know you're excited you get to write on your own website, but do the world a favor and stop formatting your articles like this. Oh...and incase any of you haven't heard, Penn State has a quarterback battle going on.

Hawkeyes Football Season Preview: Can Iowa deliver in 2010? | | The Des Moines Register

I'll get beat to death for admitting it, but I sort of like Iowa. I mean, I hated the corn out of them last year, but they play tough, blue collar football. I'll never be a fan of the Hawkeyes, but the sports fan in me respects how they play the game. Go ahead and troll, I've earned it, but I'd rather watch them grind it out than watch Tebow run around. Just saying..

Tim Frazier Is Hyped

I have a soft spot for Penn State basketball. That will become more apparent later. Workouts start today, so wish the guys luck. Say what you will about DeChellis, but these guys want to win just as much as you want them to.

Tomorrow's will be the usual length, first day of class tomorrow (wrote this last night) so getting things together. Once I'm in the groove you can expect the usual.