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Nitt Links Thinks Trey Burke Can Stay In Michigan

This whole going to class situation is really cramping my football prep. I mean, I'm taking a class on Post-Soviet Politics in the classroom next to Kevin Newsome's class. How am I suppose to study Gorbachev's foreign policy when I have to walk to class with a reminder that football is only days away. On the bright side the class is only twice a week, so I think I'll find a way to focus. I hope.

For the record, the whole "make the links open in a new page button" was right in front of my face. Enjoy the upgrade.

---Hot Topics---

Spanier bonds, shares room with freshmen - The Daily Collegian Online

Ok. Lets be real, it doesn't matter how you read that title, it's creepy. Can you imagine being the kid who finds out he's going to be spending the night sharing a room with everyone's favorite magician-washboard player? I know bringing him up is going to send this thread into a political rampage, but lets leave that be.

There was only one bed left when Penn State President Graham Spanier arrived late at his new home -- the top bunk in a Shunk Hall supplemental room.

Paternoville to use Web for registration - The Daily Collegian Online
Paternoville going high tech.

If you got a chance to read We Are Penn State 2010. You may have read my article on Paternoville. This season they'll be taking the sign up system online. This may sound stupid at first but it eliminates people showing up at 5am to line up for a line that starts at 10PM. The problem that Paternoville has created by getting larger is that people show up earlier and earlier, a lot of the time people are camping out in line, for a chance to get in line. Putting the sign up online (and then giving campers 30mins to get to the stadium) gets rid of a problem. As a veteran of the system it gets my vote.

New PSU guys ready to make their mark - - Altoona, PA | News, Sports, Jobs, Community Information - The Altoona Mirror

I'm going to use this to throw out my weekly Alex Kenney promotion. He's going to be a name you know by the end of his time here at Penn State. Trust me, I've known him for his 4 years in High School and I can't wait to see him play again. Maybe it makes me a homer, but I've watched a lot of football, and the kid has vision and speed.

Cook: Will this be the year Paterno calls it quits?

Cook doesn't know either, but he's going to guess. It's a popular thing to do these days.

---Best Of The Rest---

Trey Burke to Michigan | UM

Just to finish the circle once Penn State bound Trey Burke is headed to Michigan. Honestly, UM could be headed for a rough year so it's not like he picked a huge improvement. Michigan does have tradition going for it though. Regardless of his choice, I'll be sure to remind him of backing out when he's visiting the BJC in a few months.

Jim Delany talks Michigan-Ohio State - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Is Delany tipping his hand in mentioning Nebraska-PSU among important rivalries? I still don't understand the big deal around all of this. OSU and UM fans aren't made for losing The Game, their just mad about when it's played. I just want to go...hey Hartford glad you've still got your game.

Whats On Jack Crawford's Mind?

What if a team in college football had a gorilla on they side?? What position? Crazy pass rush!

Why Matt McGloin CANNOT Be The Starting QB « JoePa's Doghouse

Umm...cause he's white?

Announcing BHGP's Partnership With Iowa Touchdowns For Kids - Black Heart Gold Pants

Do our friends at BHGP this favor just this one time.

Offensive linemen aiming for consistency - The Daily Collegian Online

Nice to see they have goals. Hopefully they can meet them. That was deep wasn't it?


Okay folks, catch you tomorrow. Got to study my Soviet Policy. Or as they Soviet Russia class studies you.