BSD Twitter Directory

In our latest attempt to get in touch with the social networking craze, today we're launching the BSD Twitter Directory for 2010-2011.

Open threads are very popular here at BSD. They're a big part of what takes us from being a blog/website to being a community of Penn State fans, interacting and getting to know each other through our fan hood.

That said, it isn't always easy to keep up with your BSD buddies when you're at the stadium, in the bars, or sitting at your tailgate. Though SBN does offer mobile commenting, it isn't as simple and easy as Twitter for people trying to keep in touch during the games while away from their computers.

So if you have a Twitter and enjoy open threads, post your Twitter info here so everyone can begin following each other. This should serve as a back door open thread during games for folks who aren't at a computer and generally nice way of networking in the offseason.

If you're not a Tweeter, no big deal. Don't feel obligated to join the craze. We'll still have open threads as good as ever for you to enjoy, we're just trying to extend our community building efforts to another realm so it's easier for people to stay in touch.

Also, if you're looking for thoughts and stuff during the week, as well as all BSD fanshots, fanposts and stories as they're posted, add our BSD Twitter and Facebook pages, as always. We promise, we're going to try to make them more interesting this year, and go beyond just posting stories. If you're on either social networking platform, adding these pages will be fun, trust me.

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