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Nitt Links Wants A Quicker Commercial Break Too

I can't tell you how long it takes me to figure out how to start these posts, unlike everybody else, my topic stays the same everyday, and just going "hey, here are some links, read them" gets old.

That being said--Hey here are your links, read them.

---Hot Topics---

In Town This Friday? Help Break A Penn State Record

PSU (1-0-0) will be hosting Virginia (2-0-0) on Friday and has executed a campus-wide promotion to gather the largest attendance at a women's soccer game in Jeffrey Field history. The current mark is 3,208 set in 2006 and Friday's goal is to see 4,500 fans pack the stands of the intimidating home of the Nittany Lions. The 12-time defending Big Ten champions will also be giving away posters and magnets on Friday to celebrate the 2010 Nittany Lions. Additionally, students on campus are invited to join Nittany Nation in the East Stands to create the best student supporters section in the Big Ten. At halftime, a game between the Caribbean Student and Black Student Associations will take place in bringing together as many students to Penn State soccer games as possible.

So if you're in town show up. Game starts at 7:30.

NBC to use five shorter breaks to accommodate Notre Dame's plans for offense - ESPN

NBC will use five shorter commercial breaks in response to Notre Dame talks about Brian Kelly's implementation of the no-huddle, hurry-up offense. Honestly this whole thing makes the news because it's Notre Dame. I don't really blame Kelly, he's going "Hey, I'm trying to play my style of football and you guys want to have 500 TV Timeouts." Maybe you don't agree, but I for one am all for more football and less timeouts.

Ohio State-Are we the REAL Linebacker U? But you get points for trying. I'm not taking anything away from the talent that Ohio State has had and has., you're not Linebacker U.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State: Crawford latest defensive standout

If Penn State is going to win it'll be from guys like Crawford stepping up. Go ahead and give me the award for the most obvious quote of the day.

Big Ten Insider: Why Ohio State won't celebrate title in 2010

I don't pretend to like Ohio State. Michigan I really just don't like, but Ohio State I hate more than any other team in sports. That being said, outside of Iowa and maybe Wisconsin I don't see any reason why Ohio State shouldn't be favored to win the Big Ten. However I do agree with this:

The expectation of a Heisman-contending season by Pryor is really based on one game. Tressel opened up the offense and Pryor was 23-of-37 for 266 yards and two touchdowns in a 26-17 victory over Oregon.

Go Robert Griffin.

Michigan AD Dave Brandon speaks: No win benchmark for Rich Rodriguez to keep job | | Detroit Free Press

I didn't read the whole article, but I feel it reads something like an interview with Tim Curley about Ed DeChellis. I for one don't see why Rich Rod is getting off so easy. It isn't like he is trying to make a bad program better, he's just wasting Michigan's time. Count me in the group of people who doesn't mind seeing Michigan lose, but having a competitive Michigan program is in the best interest of the Big Ten as a whole.

Jordan Norwood Dunks

I remember seeing Norwood play ball at State High when I was there, he's got a lot of skill. He's a better football player but with a little work he could have been playing on the hardwood without much trouble.

Speaking of basketball the freshman picked their numbers yesterday. Also be on the lookout for the Big Ten schedule to come out very soon. Penn State is slated to play against Minnesota at home Feb 15th on ESPN/2/U and Northwestern Feb 24th,on the road on ESPN/2/U. Those are the only games I know at this point.

  • Buie-#2
  • Bowman-#10
  • Graham-#34

Ok that's all I got. Keep it together it's almost football season. And be afraid, Alabama lifts weights