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BSD College Pick 'Em on ESPN

Okay, y'all. The season is a week away, so it's time to get organized. To that end, it's time to fire up the old college pick 'em game. Once again, we're going to host the game on ESPN's College Pick 'Em. Go ahead and sign up for an account if you don't have one already. It's totally free. Once you set up your entry, join the private Black Shoe Diaries group.

Group Name: Black Shoe Diaries

Group Password: joepa

For those of you who have never played before it's an interesting contest. Each week ESPN highlights ten games. You pick the straight up winners, and then you rank your selections based on how confident you are in your pick. You top confidence pick nets you 10 points if you get it right. Your lowest confidence pick gets you 1 point. So it's more than just picking winners. Ranking your confidence in your pick is just as important.

There won't be any prize, because if we do that the SBN lawyers get all jittery and want me to write up all kinds of waivers and rules and crap. And they probably wouldn't let me participate. I guess they're running out of ambulances or something. So to the winner go bragging rights for the year.