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Nitt Links Think The Big Ten Doesn't Care About Penn State People

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If you don't get the joke in the title click here other than that I'm fresh out of jokes. That's a lie, but I can't let you have too much all at once. If it makes you happier though in a week you'll be tailgating, or getting ready to tailgate tomorrow. That my friends, is a very very nice thought. Almost as good as this thought. Enough of that, lets get to it.

---Hot Topics---

Wagner leads unproven special teams unit  

I love kickers. I mean, you've got to sit on the bench for most of the game and then go in and win it when the offense couldn't get it done. I don't even want to pretend to know what that feels like. Quarterbacks get a whole game to make mistakes and make up for it. But unless you get to play in a triple overtime game you only get one shot at glory. So for Wagner's sake, and for our sakes, here is to making positive strides.

QB's waiting for call - The Daily Collegian Online
If the Penn State quarterbacks had it their way, they'd already know the answer. After reading this article I think Joe does it to see what they're made of. At this point a week of practice isn't going to really do that much. They'll be better, but the divide between each quarterback shouldn't change that much. My guess is the coaching staff has a pretty good idea who is going to get the nod, they just want to see what these guys can take. What is the quote again? 30% Mental, 40% Luck, 15% Skill and 15% Arm Punts?

Latimore and Latham ready to contribute - The Daily Collegian Online
Kevion Latham wants to be the main guy opposite Jack Crawford on the defensive line. Hey, you want to be another pain in a team's side? Go for it kid.

---Best Of The Rest---

Penn State Basketball–Previewing The Big Ten Season

I was a little surprised nobody made a Fanshot about this, but I guess you're all too excited about football. Not that I blame you, I am too. Anyway, the Big Ten schedule came out yesterday and this is an overview of Penn State's schedule. Surprise, it's going to be a long season. The Big Ten didn't help us out at all either. Raise your hand if that surprises you.

Obstructed View: Observations from Dallas Cowboys camp in Oxnard - ESPN Dallas

4. I didn't drink the Sean LeeKool-Aid until the fourth quarter of Saturday's gameagainst the Chargers. Unlike some recent Penn State linebackers, I think this guy's going to be a star. Lee has a non-stop motor and he's incredibly disciplined. Congratulations to scouting director Tom Ciskowski and his staff for identifying this guy early and sticking with him even after he had some injury issues at Penn State. Word of warning: Don't mention to Lee that Joe Paterno seems to be slipping. That conversation won't end well.

Twitter / LeBron James

You know what LeBron, first you wasted an hour of my life, now you root for a team in a state you left and then bashed in a magazine. Now you're sucking up to the city you made fun of. Make up your mind Brett Farve.

I love The #OhioStateBuckeyes!!

Will the north ever be able to rise again in college football? -

You know what? Why don't you take your lawnchair and come play in my backyard tough boy.

"I'll tell you what. It's awful nice to wake up every day and have blue skies. It's sunny. You wear shorts every day to work," says Florida offensive coordinator and recruiting ace Steve Addazio, who points to weather as an increasing factor in talent procurement in the past decade or so. "Warm-weather guys like to stay in a warmer climate, and a fair amount of Northern-climate guys want to play in a warmer climate."

That's all for now, if you get the chance come out to the soccer game tonight at 7:30. Otherwise be safe this weekend.