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Nitt Links Is So Fluffy

We're less than one week away from the season opener, so by now we already know the major stories to follow with this program. So you shouldn't expect to read anything shocking between now and next Saturday. Nonetheless, here are some links worth reading on your Sunday morning.

Hot Topics You Must Read NOW

Final takes: Alabama's defense reloads (or does it?) - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF  - Yahoo! Sports

The good Doctor points out what we have all been asking. How can Alabama be ranked #1 when they are replacing nine starters on defense?

Why don't coaches, media talk about academics? - ESPN

ESPN of all people asks "What about the kids?" They suggest starting up an Academic Bowl Series where teams win based on grades and graduation rate. Then they rank the Top 25. Guess who's on top?

Northwestern's Fitzgerald would be great choice to succeed Paterno -

Cory Giger points to Pat Fitzgerald as an ideal successor to Joe Paterno someday. I wholeheartedly agree. I would also add Tom Bradley, Al Golden, and John Hufnagel to my short list.

If freshman Robert Bolden is Penn State's best quarterback, should he play now? |

David Jones debates if it's better to start a freshman and let him learn on the job or bring him along slowly to build his confidence.

Mmmmmm...So Fluffy

Here is some good old preseason fluffiness to enjoy.

Evan Royster Is Eager For His Final Year - I would hope so.

Penn State Quarterback Still A Mystery - Dang. I was hoping we would have this figured out by now.

Colasanti's Last Chance - I hope Penn State plays the best group of linebackers, but I'm really pulling for Colasanti.

Offensive Line Holds The Key - Everything rides on Doug Klopacz. Just let that sink in a bit.

Lady Lions Run Their Streak To 105 Consecutive Matches - At least we'll always have our volleyball awesomeness.