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Nitt Links Didn't Want An Awesome Schedule Anyway

Did you miss me? I had this awful dream last night that Mark May was going to be Penn State's next head coach. I love Penn State, but I would have to reconsider my college choice if that came to pass. That does bring up an interesting question though. Lou Holtz, Mark May, Craig James, or Dave Wannstedt? I would hate to make that choice.

Anyway, the biggest news of the week was the depth chart as was touched on yesterday. Have no fear though, I won't let that stop me.

---Hot Topics---

Penn State's Big Ten schedules for 2011 and beyond wiped clean - Giger Counters by Cory Giger -

This really isn't a surprise. With expansion it was a given the schedules would be wiped, that being said it still stinks to see it happen officially. The schedule in 2011 was one of the best home schedules we've seen in years. So thanks Big Ten, know you didn't do it on purpose but I'd like to get Ohio State at home.

If freshman Robert Bolden is Penn State's best quarterback, should he play now? |

Poll: When would you throw Bolden to the wolves? To me, it makes sense to let McGloin or Newsome play the first two games. Game one acts as a warmup for Alabama for whoever starts. While McGloin and Newsome may not have the complete package, they do have a better grasp on the playbook. In a sense Paterno takes a gamble that a deeper playbook utilized with less talent is better than to put in a shallow playbook with more talent to use. You can have the best arm in the world but a good defense won't be fooled by 3 different well placed screen passes.Get through those two games and you take stock on what you have. I'm sure that won't happen, mainly because I pulled that thought together at 2AM,and you know how that is.

Lions run streak to 105 at Classic - Sports | Centre Daily Times

First day on campus and I passed Blair Brown on my way to class. That's how I know this year will be a good one.

---Best Of The Rest---

Robert Bolden Doesn't Want A lot Of Facebook Friends

1 friend request ago and 130 mutual friends later. i still dont know you

Giger: Northwestern's Fitzgerald would be great choice to succeed Paterno -

He's a good fit, but what kind of money would Penn State need to throw his way that Northwestern wouldn't match?

Penn State: Last chance to impress for linebacker Colasanti

This squad has 200 linebackers with lots of talent, Colasanti wants you to remember his name. I like that attitude.