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Nitt Links Thinks Brandon Ware Would Make A Great QB

I'm making what they call "A good life choice" and writing this in the PM rather than waking up in the mid to early AM and remembering that I need to. It's a step in the right direction. It also acts as a break in an evening filled with the history of Romania.

So what's going on today? Joe has his presser at noon, that may or may not interest you. Today could be the day we find out who is

---Hot Topics---(4 today, just for kicks)

 Hate Week: Youngstown State! " JoePa's Doghouse

We'll all miss reading Hate Week over here, but as long as it's still around somewhere I'll be happy. What more needs to be said? Read on!

Nittany Lion Mascot Charged With Misdemeanors | Onward State

Second Lion in a row who has had DUI/Underage issues. Too bad to have it happen so close to gameday.

We are certainly disappointed in the news of this incident, perhaps no one more so than Clint himself. He understands that his poor judgment does not come without impact on the athletic department and the University, and he is most regretful of that. He will not be in uniform throughout the month of September.

The Trap: Which team might surprise the Nittany Lions this year? |
It happened two years ago. The Lions were on a roll towards the BCS title game. They had survived the slugfest with the Fightin’ Sweatervests and it looked like they were on their way. Only Iowa stood in their way..If I had to pick a team to do it this year, I'd pick Northwestern.

Big Ten football gets ready for big changes | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/30/2010
Asked if the Penn State contest had attained the feel of a traditional rivalry, Mark Dantonio, Michigan State's fourth-year coach, said, TIMEOUT! "It does feel like a rivalry game to us because it's the last game of the season, and so much rides on that last game, bowl implications and what have you.

---Best Of The Rest---

Brandon Ware Tweet Of The Day

Everybody wants to know who the Starting QB is....Well...*Drumroll* It's ME b******

Alabama Football: With Less Than a Week Left, Who Is Bama Preparing For? | Bleacher Report
Oh No! Alabama is preparing and stuff! All is lost!

The Big Ten Decision -
I'm happy to announce that the Big Ten will be taking it's talent to...the Big Ten