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Reason #567 Not To Read Bleacher Report

I shouldn't draw attention to these guys, but the level of content coming out of the Bleacher Report is not only void of any intelligent thought, sometimes it's just downright not true. Two cases in point this morning.

In article one, the Bleacher Report calls out Penn State for being "irresponsible" for not naming a starting quarterback by now.

This is game week, and your team and fan base needs to have a leader in place to rally behind and support. Instead, both teams have released depth charts with all three players listed at the number one position.

What is this "it’s going to be this guy OR maybe that guy OR hey we might even throw this guy at you, who knows" type of stuff?

Dear Coach Rodriguez and whichever coach is now running Penn State while Joe Paterno slowly withers away into old age, this strategy you're implementing is not a useful nor a beneficial one.

I understand there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle that need to be figured out, but you had all spring and summer to put them together. Now is not the time for uncertainty at the most important position on the field.

 Yes, Penn State, how can you not have a starting quarterback by now? How dare you not inform us. We demand to know. It is our right. It says so right there after the second amendment to the Constitution. Or maybe this is a case of alzheimers setting in on Joe Paterno. He can't even match his socks correctly anymore let alone pick a starting quarterback.

Or maybe Paterno is smarter than the idiot that wrote this article. Maybe he didn't want to name a starter back in the spring because no guy separated himself and he wanted them to keep pushing each other. Maybe he wants to wait until the Youngstown State game and play all three guys. Alabama looms the following week, so why give Nick Saban extra time to prepare. Joe Paterno has nearly 400 career wins. The dolt that wrote this article has zero. I'll stick with JoePa, thanks.

But having a stupid opinion is one thing. Being competely dishonest is something else. Like this article that informs you Anthony Fera sucks. ( I suggest you read this link quickly because I suspect it will be gone by lunch time.)

But a funny thing happened to Fera on the way to college football immortality. 


He missed his first kick.


Not by a little either.


Fera’s first extra point try in last spring’s Blue-White game was wide left. Tiger Woods two fairways over wide left. So wide left that it missed the netting behind the south end zone goal post and crash landed in the student section. Wide left like you might kick it. 


His second kick wasn’t much better. 


Another extra point miss.


Fera’s hat trick of misfortune ended with a missed field goal that had the freshman staring for a very long time into the blue and white sky and wondering if he had packed his talent in his bags on the way out of Texas.

Except, none of this happened. Looking at the boxscore, Anthony Fera didn't miss an extra point, let alone two. And he didn't miss a field goal. In fact, he didn't even participate in the game. Fera watched the Blue White game from the sideline as punishment for getting caught drinking underage. Regardless, Fera isn't even supposed to be the place kicker this year as Penn State returns Collin Wagner, so who cares. And this isn't a case of mistaken identity either. No Penn State kicker missed an extra point, so Bleacher Report is basically pulling this out of their ass and telling you the Penn State kicking situation is a total disaster. (Ed. note - It may in fact be a disaster, but it's not Anthony Fera's fault.)

Before I wrap this up, I have to ask one thing.

What is with this style of one sentence paragraphs.

Are they teaching this in school these days?

If so, we are raising a generation of writers who will one day make fantastic writers for the Bleacher Report.